Sunday, November 22, 2009

Option 2: Ophelia's characterization

You have until Monday 12.2.09 to complete this assignment. It is to be typed in 12pt font, Times New Roman, and 2bl spaced.

It is worth 100 points and will be graded with the APE Rubric.

Objective: Develop your own thesis based on the following prompt:

  • How would you characterize Ophelia in Act 1? Explain why. Then explain how this characterization illuminates theme.
Hint: In order to develop characterization thoroughly, make sure you include specific textual evidence and explain how this textual evidence influences your perception of her character. Then explain how this could relate to theme. If you do this well, every paragraph should address these concerns.

You should make sure to develop a sophisticated thesis. It should be about 1,000 words (use your best judgment in either direction--this is a recommendation, not a requirement. It should be as long as it takes to develop your thesis.)

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