Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to 2nd quarter! Agenda for week of 11.1.10

Elif Shafak on Fiction

We are going to watch this in class today, but I am also posting this so that you can watch it again and take better notes. Treat this like a text that you need to read and mark up. We will begin class tomorrow with a Student-Run Discussion on this video, so please make sure you can use your notes to help you say something specific and sophisticated.
  • Clarifying questions about a concept that is confusing to you. Try and answer, but phrase in a way that will prompt your classmates to respond.
  • Deep questions about the meaning of what is being discussed.
  • A reaction: how do you feel about what's being said. And why?
  • Connections to other texts or events.
  • Observations on how the speaker chooses to present her ideas.
By Friday 11.5.10 Post your in-class essay on your independent reading book.