Monday, January 3, 2011

Revision and Editing Assignment

You are going to revise your extended analysis on Camus' The Stranger for the last grade in your Major Assessments Category. You can, and should, incorporate any research from your Annotated Bibliography that you think is relevant. Your essay must be embedded on your blog via scribd and be in perfect MLA formatting, which means you will also need to include a Works Cited and Works Consulted page and come up with a title this time!

You also need to produce a Meta for Editing, which will count as your last major Homework Grade for the Quarter. Below, I embedded a Key to Editing Guide (KEG) that I created with Mr. Evans and Mrs. Nyman. You are to look at your Extended Analysis Papers (with comments) and refer to all letters, numbers and symbols.

For each notation, you are to explain what needs improved in editing .
  • List the Rule from the EasyWriter, then explain it in your own words.
  • Then list all the mistakes from each rule and correct them.

Key to Editing Guide (KEG)