Monday, October 26, 2009

Period 6: Life Advice That Works

Finish Strong.

First Quarter ends @ 2:15 on Friday afternoon. Please keep this in mind. As you know, vocabulary quizzes can be taken once a day until the end of the quarter and major assignments can be rewritten (if they were turned in on time) for the highest grade possible. Consult with snapgrades on how to best end the quarter (and make sure there are no mistakes in your gradebook--your grades are your responsibility too.)

10.26.09. 2nd draft of College Essay due. Argumentative Essay due. In class, we will do our presentations on A Doll's House as test prep.

10.27.09. finish presentations.

10.28.09. In-class 'essay-test' on A Doll's House (prompt is on page 4). This test is open book & open notebook. You will complete essay in my room over two class periods. If you need extra time, you must stay after school to complete. You may not take essay out of the room.

10.29.09. Finish Essay test. You will be graded on the following Rubric (rubric is on page 4). Reader's Notebooks will be collected and scored for the quarter based on the following rubric.

Things to keep in mind:
  • I usually arrive an hour early to school. I am free periods 1, 4, & 5. I will be after school on Tuesday and Wednesday until 4:00ish.
  • I will not be here on Thursday and Friday (professional development.) This will not affect your classroom experience. You will still report to class and take essay test.
  • Highlighted phrases are links to assignments and rubrics. Please consult them!

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