Friday, September 25, 2009

Since you all asked. . .

Here are the class notes we developed and you asked me to post:

Objective: Read and comprehend Ibsen's A Doll's House and use textual evidence to explain how characterization is created in literature and film through the techniques of authors, actors, and directors in a formal essay.

Thesis paragraph:

Should state which movie clip presents the best version of either Nora or Torvald and explain why.
· You may only focus on the movie which is best.
· A sophisticated thesis will explain how characterization is created through author, actor, and director’s techniques.

Body paragraphs:

Should each focus on a specific topic which helps prove your thesis.

· Topic
· Provide context and “integrate evidence from the play”(37).
· Explain how author creates characterization with evidence.
· Explain why the movie version you picked represents this well.
· Give specific evidence (description) from the movie.
· Explain effect(s) of what you see actor doing, or techniques of the director.

Remember your essay is due Wednesday.

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nfiumefreddo2 said...

I believe that George Schaefer’s version of A Doll’s House did a better overall job at interpreting Nora. Nora was played by Julie Harris. When I watch this version of the movie I feel like I am watching the book so to speak. The atmosphere of the overall play is similar to what would expect it to be in the book. I also like the way that you can hear the money in Nora’s mouth. Also the way she interacts With Torvald is spot on.

In A Doll’s house, Nora really enjoys wealth. You can tell because when she and Torvald were talking in the beginning of the story when Torvald asks her what she wants as a gift, she quickly exclaims “well you could give me more money Torvald” pg 7. She says it quickly and then slightly begs Torvald for it until he obliges. It might be that Nora just likes spending money or just likes possessing it. In the movie Nora delivers the line perfectly and does a great job interacting with Torvald to get what she wants. Also, not so much in the book you can see that she is wealthy in a lot of ways. The way she walks, her body and her body language that she is wealthy and loves money. However it also seems that Nora has no concept of money. When she comes home with all the stuff for Christmas, she thinks that they have the money to afford. However Torvald informs her that they wont have the money till the end of the Month. That’s in fact how a lot of wealthy people lose their money.

When I watch this movie, it appears that the book has come to life and I am watching it on the screen. One of the attributes to this is the way the characters carry themselves, Especially Nora. In the beginning of the video, she walked in like she was in a hurry. She put her coat away fast put her things that she purchased from town in the living room. Then she took a few macaroons and stowed them away in a kettle or something. Then Nora went off with Torvald to show him the things that Nora bought for Christmas in town. Also the director does a fantastic job at setting up the house that Nora and Torvald live in. You can tell they are wealthy because it is a relatively big house that is nicely furnished. Also the director did an awesome job showing Nora and Torvald as a well-established couple. However in this version of the movie their wasn’t that much talk about squirrels, doves and skylarks. They just seemed really happy together, making each other laugh and such.

Nora has an incredible ability to control her husband with no problem at all. For instance when Nora broke the news to Torvald that she bought a lot of stuff for Christmas, Torvald tells Nora that they don’t have the money to spend and that they will have it at the beginning of the year and it would be only a little bit more than what they have now. So after that little discussion, Nora goes into the corner by the fire and gets very quiet. Almost pretends that she is weeping so Torvald will feel bad. So sure enough he does feel bad and asks her what she bought. Also, because apparently money isn’t an object to Nora, when she sits down with Torvald and he asks her what she wants as a gift, she asks for more money. Torvald quickly resists and again tries to explain to Nora that they don’t have money to spare. However Nora explains to Torvald that if she got money as a gift then she could go and something for herself. After she begs him Torvald says it would be fine.