Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Research Paper, The Proposal Letter

"Apparation of the Aphrodite of Cnidus
© Salvador Dali, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Vegap, Figueres 2007"

By now, you should have your artist picked and posted in the previous comment stream.

Step 3:

Spend the next ½ hour or so familiarizing your self with the artist you chose and his or her work. For now, choose 1-3 paintings on which to turn your focus. Then, start to gather a list of websites (which includes links to books and magazines, where a majority of your research must come.)

Due Thursday, Feb. 5th by class time, you are to submit a typed, 'formal' proposal letter. You will be scored on the Long Composition Rubric, which will subtract substantially from your score if you make careless errors.

Your proposal letter should follow the proper format of a formal letter: (You may need to do some research on the Internet to find this.)

Letters submitted without proper formatting will not be accepted.
Letters submitted late will lose a letter grade a day.

Fit the following information on one page of your typed letter; write a short paragraph about each topic:

  • Who is your artist and what pieces of his / her art interest you. (Briefly describe why.)

  • What have you found in your initial research that makes him / her an interesting artist to research.

  • List at least ten places where information can be found about your artist in a paragraph.

  • Conclude letter with some ideas for your thesis. (These will obviously evolve and change, but I want you to begin thinking about these things before you even begin serious research.

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