Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reminder of how to hyperlink in the comment stream:

Say you want to make a link like this.

1. All you have to do is type the following into the comment box:
<"a href=http://www.google.com">"this"<"/a">

2. Then replace the html with where the image is, then replace the "this" with the title of the piece of art:
<"a href=http://muze.sabanciuniv.edu/ssm/userfiles/Image/SSM/english/exhibitions/2008/salvador_dali/exhibition">"Surrealist composition with invisible figures"<"/a">

3. Then, get rid of the quotation marks.

When you publish it, it will look like:
Surrealist composition with invisible figures

Remember that the Preview button is your friend.


Alex T 7 said...
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Viviana said...

I’m intrigued in many ways by Kurt Wenner 3-D from of art simply the way that it stand out. All his art is created by using chalk I always taught that he would use specialized art equipment for this but I was completely wrong for example I was browsing through the web trying to find out information about him and his drawing and I bumped into this painting that he had created. <"a href= http://www.kurtwenner.com/images/echonar.jpg">" kurt wenner"<"/a"> in this image I see many thing I don’t just consider it art because its not it has a history behind it we can insinuate that it goes back into the renaissance era where many people believed in gods and hero’s. I also think that his art is not only art the way that its drawn and the way that it stands out it looks realistic and its very intriguing and very eye catching that way that he combines the color and makes it look so natural and realistic. I was sitting in front of my computer and I seen that it looks 3-d in a camera form but would it be the same having the art in front of you will it look different or will it look the same?. I would love to actually bump into one of his art creations.
I like the way that the water is drawn it looks as if it’s real like if drops of water are falling into the water the way that the image of the guy is in the center seems very realistic. I wonder is the image supposed to be like a river or a pond where the image of the guy is reflected, in my opinion I would insinuate that it’s a pond because of the flower that’s next to the image of the guy. Then we can also see that there’s like a ghost flying around but if you really look into it you can see that it ‘s similar to the image of the guy in the center. I also believe that it can be a goddess or something somewhat close to that simply because that way that the hand is reaching out into the stomach of the guy.
Can Kurt Wenner be trying to show us that he had power or was a goddess himself we do not know. I think that kurt wenner expresses a lot of the roman background in his art because if we look at the image in general the bird on the side the frame around the image the flying god I will say it all goes back to the roman history I can be wrong but like many other ‘s I’m taking a guess and in my mind making up a story that can go along with the drawing. It must of taken Wenner a while to actually draw this I like the way that he reflects like the shadow of the sun you have to really look at the image toward the beginning you see the reflection I love simply love his art creation its very unique.

As well as in this other image that Kurt Wenner created <"a href= http://i243.photobucket.com/albums/ff178/whatheck_net/tricks/wenner_illusion_12.jpg">kurt wenner<"/a"> you cans see that not only is it reflecting a 3-d form its also trying to show us something in this image I can assume that its trying to show us a two world type of story because as you can see there’s the couple and other stuff around it such as peddles, rocks, a older guy, a image of a guy who seems to be up to no good behind. Most importantly is when you look into the pond there’s a image of a town a little village its kind of hard to insinuate what Kurt Wenner is trying to show us but you can always create a story.
By looking into the image we know it goes back into the roman history because of the way that that people are dressed for example the couple are dressed with gold all around there body yet we can also see that the sandals they have on go back to the renaissance era. Yet I don’t seem to comprehend what the older guy next to them is supposed to represent, can it be representing someone who’s looking out for them or just a plain simple villager. But if you take a even closer look behind the happy couple you can see that there is someone reaching into the water looking at them as if he’s about to do something out of the ordinary can it represent evil?. I am assuming that that pond is reflecting the beginning of a new century I am insinuating that because as from what I have read I have a understandment that Kurt Weeners drawing somehow resemble the 21st century .
As I said before we can go on making up a story in our mind it all comes down to creativity and knowledge in history. Yet when you sit down and actually look up information about the artist you can find out a lot of intruiging information such as where there art started and where did the creativity of the art is heading. knowing that Kurt Wenner worked for NASA I can conclude that he belives theres to worlds out there and he somehow managed to put it in his creation of art I can be wrong but its not a bad guess. Yet I also know that he has love for the roman history , so it can lead up to many other things and I simply as others am taking a guess better yet creatinga story in my mind that allows me to understand the image in a certain way. Knowing that he left the NASA to go to roman to pursue his dreams in drawing I know that most of his art has to do with the Roman history. Yet I can tell you im fasinated by the art that he has created and I would love to see his art .