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Ophelia--cast a character

Anna Lea Merrit's "Ophelia" etched in 1880.

Think of yourself as the director of a scene from Act 1 in Hamlet.. As the director of the play/movie, you need to have a clear, developed, complete concept of your vision of the play. A director’s vision of a play should all work together: the music should echo the set, and the costumes. You may find it useful to base your concept of the play around a singular theme that you want to reinforce through set, costumes, sound, and delivery.

You need to post your answers in the comments stream by Monday, February 11th at 4:00p.m. to the following questions. Each question will take at least one well formed paragraph or more and need to be backed up with evidence from the scene. (50 points)
  • How would your set for the stage look and be arranged? Why? Consider colors, lighting, scale, texture, and layout.
  • What would the character's costume look like? Why? Consider colors, fit, style, time period, and texture.
  • What sorts of sound effects or music would you use in the production? Why? Consider time period, volume, and genre.
  • How would the character deliver her lines? Why? What does this show us about your character?

Answering the “why” part of each of the above questions is the most difficult part of this assignment, but it is also the portion that allows the most leeway. Fell free to hyperlink to any material online that is appropriate.

Remember: your goal is to develop or create a character's personality by providing information about the character and how he or she should act, look, and sound.



Susan M 7 said...

The character I chose is Ophelia. I picked her because I wanted to follow a female character in the play and be able to compare her to a female teenager of today. I chose the act 1 scene 3 because it is interesting to see the comparison of a farewell between a brother and a sister in these

As the stage director I would want the stage to look as related to the play as possible, so time wise back into the 19th century. The location would be in Denmark which the reader finds out when Horatio says " in which the majesty of buried Denmark" line 56 Act 1 scene 1. The stage would be set up in the time of kings. I wouldn't want a modern day version of it because I want it to be compared to today. Ophelia accompanied with her brother Polonius would be in the same large room which would look almost s if a castle. I would even want to have a suit of armor in the background because armor was referenced twice in scene 2. Paintings and statues would be on the wall to show that these people are high class and educated. In the scene it is the first time we meet Ophelia and she is important to the play even though she is not exactly the main character. She seemed to be in a good mood and the tone of this scene was loving. I would want the lighting to be bright because of how they are talking. It seems like they really care about each other. I picture everything to be bright and white pastel colors. I chose the set like these because of the word choice used, words like "Lord, marry, free, truth, affection, honor, baby, and love".

I would expect Ophelia to be wearing a luxurious gown. I picture her as a young teenager, no older than 17. I picture her this way wen Polonius says "Your speak like a green girl, Unsifted in such perilous circumstance", (line 109-110 act 1 scene 3). Since she's young and full of life It would be a creme color with a small waist and big puffy sleeves. I always picture the older woman in darker colors. She is of a rich family so I would expect her to wear fine jewelry and have her hair done properly with perhaps even some of those fancy feathers in it. Even her shoes would be heels and glamorous. I picture her that way because i believe even back then the female still cares very much about her appearance, especially if they were in high class like Ophelia, and to be very much into shopping.

The music for the for this background would be a light piano tone in the background. Just enough so you can hear it. I pick piano because this is classical times and just piano is classical music and back then I would expect there to be piano. The music would be a sad tune because the brother and sister are basically saying there last good-byes. After that, when Ophelia's father comes in I would want large footsteps played basically to show authority and to have the piano playing to sound less joyful and more louder. It is obvious that in this play the man takes charge of the woman, as do most of Shakespeare plays.

I would want Ophelia to deliver her lines in gentle and sweet way. No sarcasm in her voice and to sound innocent. She is a young lady and in my eyes educated by the maturity in her conversation. She shows that she loves her brother very much and knows when to seek help from her father. This shows me she is intelligent, thus must act as an educated young lady. Ophelia to me is not corrupt as of this point of the play and it does not seem like she is up to no good. She seems a bit confused about love like any other teenager is during this stage of life.

Miranda V2 said...

In Act I Scene 3, I would have it set outside the home of Polonius, Ophelia, and Laertes in garden. This would be in the back of the old house made of gray stone and there would be pathways leading to different areas of the garden. The house would be made of gray stone because I imagine the homes of Denmark in the late sixteenth/early seventeenth century to be made in that manner as to withstand the elements. Much like the castles, a person of higher standing would have a home of stone rather than wood and other materials. Because Polonius speaks about money, "Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,/ But not expressed in fancy (rich, not gaudy),/ For the apparel oft proclaims the man...That you have ta'en these tenders for true pay,/ Which are not sterling. Tender yourself more dearly.../'ll tender me a fool. (76-78, 115-116, 119)," I assume that he and his family are among the rich in Denmark, therefore, he would have a home that shows his wealth.The dialogue would take place in the garden because it is a more secluded place and the manner in which Laertes speaks to Ophelia is not something I would expect to be said with the possibility of people nearby overhearing. If servants inside the home were to overhear, surely it would get out to the rest of Denmark and that is something that Polonius would want to prevent. So, by having the scene take place in a secluded garden the chance is eliminated. Also, it would be a interesting setting for good-byes to be said since this is where Laertes leaves to go back to college in France. The stage would be well lit to express the fact that this scene is taking place in the afternoon. Part of the reason why I want it to take place in the afternoon is because a person is more likely to leave on a long journey in the day when it is safer to travel on the roads with luggage alone. Also, because it would be hard to see what is going on in the garden if it was night. Another reason why this scene is taking place in the afternoon is because it is easier to keep an eye out for people who may be heading in their direction. Since, Ophelia and Laertes are having a private conversation, these factors would be ideal for them.

While reading the scene among Ophelia, Laertes, and Polonius, the impression I had. based on the text, is that Ophelia is in her teens and has the attitude that comes with being a teen, "The canker galls the infants of the spring/ Too oft before their buttons be disclosed,/ And, in the morn and liquid dew of youth,/ Contagious blastments are most imminent...You speak like a green girl/ Unsifted in such perilous circumstance.(42-46, 110-111)" In this passage, Laertes and Polonius refer to Ophelia as being young, inexperienced, and naive. Also by the way Polonius speaks of Ophelia, I got the impression that she was in some ways a "strumpet". The evidence I used in the previous paragraph from line 115 to 119, Polonius is treating Ophelia like a piece of meat to be sold at a high price. Because of these impressions, in directing and producing Hamlet, I would have her costume be a deep red dress with a low neckline, however, it would be a floor length dress that had the wide skirt as was the way people dressed during the time period. In general, Ophelia's costumes would be like the red dress except it may be in other bold colors or have a variation in design. Bold colors make a person stand out and reflect the boldness in Ophelia's character.

In this scene I would not have any music playing in the background because it would distract the audience away from the dialogue, which at this time is very important because it comes from the beginning of the play and in the beginning, the dialogue is important. By not putting music in the background of this section, the audience will pay attention to the dialogue and learn about Ophelia's character and relationships. I would, however, have sound effects such as running water from a fountain and birds playing in the background. Some other sounds that may be mixed in are insects, horses, voices from the distance, and a soft breeze. This is to allow the audience to be drawn into what's going on and "see" the garden as if it were actually taking place outside rather than in an theater onstage. The sound effects would be subtle and would not overpower the dialogue. Also when I think of conversations outside, the surrounding noise would be soothing rather than annoying, so by having the sound effects be subtle the garden feels relaxing even though the subject that Laertes and Polonius are talking with Ophelia about is not.

Ophelia being a teenager and having the attitude that matches, she would deliver most of her lines in this scene with that attitude and at the right points such as when she responds to Laertes' lecture by saying, "I shall the effect of this good lesson keep/ As watchman to my heart. But, good my brother,/ Do not.../Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,/ Whiles.../ Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads/ And recks not his own rede, (49-55)" with a hint of sarcasm. By delivering her lines in this manner, Ophelia let's on that she has experienced some things that a young girl should not have to experience, but also that she is strong willed and isn't as naive as her father thinks she is. Although Ophelia would appear "hard" and not to have feelings of affection, she does have a softer side and the audience would be able to see this when she delivers her lines about her relationship with Hamlet with a tone of a girl in love. When Ophelia feels like she has to defend herself or anything she believes in, she will speak with more conviction. By delivering her lines in these ways, it will be noticeable that Ophelia has a mind of her own and she will follow her heart and beliefs no matter where they take her.

This link shows an example of a dress that Ophelia would wear:

aline o.2 :) said...

I would set the scene in Ophelia’s chamber. I’d like to have the set look as medieval as possible. The lighting in the actual room would be a bit dark, but there would be sunlight coming from the window to highlight the characters Ophelia and Laertes. I’d have the two facing one another. The main colors would revolve around the color blue, only because when I think about protection that is the first color that comes to mind. The blue would symbolize the protection Laertes has over his younger sister.”Be wary then; best safety lies in fear.”(47). So the curtains would be blue, as well as the rug. The covers on the bed would be a light green to symbolize Ophelia’s young age and immaturity.”You speak like a green girl.”(Polonius 110). There would also be a large painting of Ophelia in the chamber as well as many other decorations so the audience could get a sense of her wealth.
Ophelia would be wearing a long burgundy dress since she is the main character of this scene. The burgundy would have her stand out from the rest of the set. I also think the burgundy would make her look feminine, attractive and feisty. Her father, Polonius would be wearing gold and white because he is the head of the house. They would all be wearing casual medieval costumes, except for the father. I’d have him look a bit more fancier then Ophelia and Laertes. The gold would represent his greed. “Set your entreatments at a higher rate.”(Polonius 131).
While Ophelia and Laertes speak I would have no music, only some sound effects. I’d make every movement be dramatically loud. Steps, rustle of clothing, breathing, etc. Only because sound effects can sometimes help an audience be more drawn into the scene. But I would have definitely have music when Ophelia and her father are speaking to one another. The music I’d play would be “Sur le fil” by Yann Tiersen but only the piano part. The introduction is played with a violin but it’s a bit too dramatic for this scene. The piano part however has a sort of dark, mellow and strange feel to it which is something I think would fit perfectly well with this scene because it’s a bit strange the way Polonius is treating his Ophelia. There’s some evil in him and I would want it to show.
I would have Ophelia deliver her lines with a bit of innocence but also with a bit of sarcasm. I’d want to portray her as someone with confidence. Her lines would be delivered strongly. I wouldn’t want not even the slightest bit of doubt in her voice. Even when she says “I do not know, my lord, what I should think.”(113), it would be sarcastic. I’d want her to have a witty personality throughout the play. I think that it would add some flavor to her character.

Jess J2 said...
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Jess J2 said...

The character I have decided to cast is Ophelia. The reason I chose her is because I think there are many ways you can interpret her words and her personality.

For act 1:3 I would set the stage up for Ophelia and Laertes to be sitting outside on a wall surrounded by a garden. Also there would be a lot of open space. There would be many different flowers and the garden itself would be wild and untamed. The garden would have huge rocks and a stone wall, where the characters would be seated during their conversation. The sun would be bright so all the different colors of the flowers, especially yellow and green will show the most. There would also have to be a lot of untamed weeds, in the color of green, to represent Ophelia and Hamlet. There would be a long shot with a wide angle to put focus on Ophelia and Laertes sitting on the wall together. The long shot helps emphasize the fact that they are alone but not totally alone and that anyone could come to them in any direction at anytime.

Ophelia’s costume would be simple. She would have a white heavy dress on. It would be tight fitting to show she is attractive in the eyes of Hamlet. The dress would rise a little above her ankles and at the top the neckline would scoop down with pieces of fabrics covering in diagonal pieces across the torso. The rest of the dress would fall straight. Gold sandals would be worn with the white dress and Ophelia’s hair would be loosely back to show her innocent side despite her “reputation” that her father believes she is creating for herself.

The music for scene1:3 would be random short songs about 12 seconds of the harp. The instruments heavenly sounds would fit in with this scene because of the garden and characterization of Ophelia, which will be innocent. Also a lot of music would not be good for this scene so a single instrument would not ruin or bring confusion if it is played a couple of times during silences.

Ophelia’s lines would be delivered with a very low voice. Even though her and her brother may seem alone in the garden she does not want anyone to hear so she speaks in whispers to show her innocence. Her face expressions would show she is simply making comments but it not being witty about them she is talking as if she does not know about anything bad and that she and Hamlet are not serious.

Stephanie_C7 said...

The character that I chose is Ophelia because I wanted to see how she responds to her brother and her father’s wishes for her to stay away from Hamlet. And if when they found out that she disobeyed them what would they do to her. Would her father disown her, or have something tragic happen to her. The set would look like something in the medieval; times, because it would look more appropriate for the type of setting where the story or play took place. The colors would be light and they would stand out a little bit, the lightning would not be too bright but bright enough to be seen throughout the night

The costumes would look like something from the medieval times when women wore clothes that didn’t attract bad things that were being said about them. The colors would be bright and would be able to attract someone’s attention when she walks in a room full of people. The style and the fit would be that of a teenager because she is one and it would look inappropriate if she was dressed like she didn’t look her age. The time period would be in the 900’s because that’s where the story took place, and it would be an insult to their memories if it was said that it took place somewhere else.

The sound effects would be played by an orchestra and it would be classical music. Because during those times, people didn’t listen to music very loud, they preferred to listen to things that suited the soul, and calmed them down. A violin would be better suited for the music, because a violin has a light and soothing sound to it like a lullaby, and after a while the music would have a sad tone to it. Because her brother’s going away to college and he won’t be able to look out for her anymore.

Ophelia would deliver her lines as sweet, innocent and funny, because that’s the kind of person she is. She is an educated young woman who’s trying to find her way in a world that does not seem to appeal to her as what she would be living in. Ophelia and Hamlet’s love is a forbidden love just like Romeo and Juliet, but with much more complications to it. Even if their love is forbidden, I think that Ophelia knows you can’t always live up to your parents expectations. This shows that she is an intelligent woman for not thinking with her head but with her heart, and she will always love Hamlet despite what her brother and her father think of him.

RhondaJ7 said...

The set that would look familiar to the exact concept of how the dialogue was when Laertus and Ophelia were talking to one another before Laertus left for college. The set will be painted but of some sort of color like a powder pink or blue because it’s relating to Ophelia’s character in the book; that of a flower; soft and innocent. The reason I would do this because Ophelia is a maiden in which she is a virgin; untouched and the soft colors would match the softness but yet innocence of her personality. The lighting will be almost dimmed so that the audience can feel exactly what the characters are all about and the meaning to what they are really saying. The arrangement will be for Laertus and Ophelia in their home talking maybe in the “family room”.

Ophelia’s costume would look like a cream colored dress that is very long but yet elegant with gold sequence around the color and sleeves of the dress. It will fit her skin tight from the waist up but then towards the waist down it will loosen out given her a Cinderella look. I have chosen this look for Ophelia because the cream color tells readers that she was pure and innocent and that kind of reminds me of the Virgin Mary. The time period I would say would be in 1600s. I don’t think “Hamlet” took place before that time period because the formatting of the words is linked to the 1500s-1600s. But towards the end of the book whether or not if Ophelia will listen to Laertus and Polonius warnings about her staying away from Hamlet, depends if her wardrobe will change. If her personality changes, then her wardrobe will change also from cream-white to s red or dark blue color indicating that she is not pure anymore.

The sound effects that would be playing in the background would be a edgy melody so the audience can take in the seriousness beginning portrayed in the play. With Laertus and Ophelia’s dialogue for act 1 scene 3 I believe it would be best if the sound effects were soft at the beginning of their conversation but then start to increase when Laertus tells Ophelia to keep away from Hamlet. Then I would make the sounds more earthly like giving sensitivity towards the audience of the character’s personality. There will be a instrumental while these two are talking and boating sound effects towards when he gives his warnings. Since this is a tragedy and comedy put together I would say that the music and sound effects will be funny and will have the audience up most attention.

Ophelia will deliver her lines in an innocent way. Since she is a maiden; which we now know means unmarried girl (virgin) and pure, she will act as if she is as innocent as can be. Her virtuous character will tell the audience when she deliver her lines how blind she is to reality that everyone sees except for her. When she deliver her lines the audience will already capture how Ophelia will either grow more into her character or out of. This shows us that the character has little adulthood in her and basically lives off of what her brother and father tells her and when she decides that she wants to do what’s best for Ophelia she suddenly thinks twice because she so innocent to handle the situation herself.

kathleen_t7 said...

The character I chose is Ophelia when Ophelia comes out to speak to her dad about lord Hamlet the color of the stage would be red which represent love and flowers everywhere. “He hath my lord, of late made many tenders of his affection to me.” Line 108-109 that means that they have being doing what people in love do. The lighting of the setting would be white and red because Ophelia is confuse if she should take it to the next level with Hamlet. Red light would be her love for him while the whit light would represent Ophelia if she should fall in love for Hamlet.

Ophelia’s character would wear a 90’s long red dress with no shoes and white flower on her hair, jewelry on her fingers and her neck, hat with a feather on it she is well known around the kingdom for wearing the most outrageous clothing and is something chased around the kingdom by other individual instead of Hamlet ,. Makeup on her face because she is the most beautiful girl in the country that’s which king Hamlet loves for her warmth and kindhearted personality.

I would use some classic music for the sound effects because classic music is the kind of music that is played in those time period and it could also be use in a movie when the character is mad, happy and confuse. The volume of the music who be in median when she is telling her brother Laertes “Do you doubt that?” and also “No more but so?” on line 5 and 11. then the volume turns up on line 51to 55 “ Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, show me the steep and thorny way to heaven, while,(like) a puffed and reckless libertine, himself the primrose path of dalliance treads and recks not his own rede.” Line 113 “I do not know, my lord, what I should think” Ophelia is confused so the music turns up.

Ophelia would deliver her lines in a respectful manner or calm tone because she is a respectful character especially to her elders and men. “So please you, something touching the lord Hamlet.” Line 96-97 Ophelia is polite when her dad ask her what kind of advice her brother told her the first word that comes out of her mouth is “ So please and every other line she said “My lord” before she say any word on line 113 “ I do not know, my lord, what I should think” line119-120 “ My lord, he hath importuned me with love in honorable fashion” line 122-123 “ And hath given countenance to his speech, my lord, with almost all the holy vows of heaven” and also on line 145 “ I shall obey, my lord”. This line shows that she is respectful and humble to her father. She would do anything he asks her to do and it also shows that she is weak because she doesn’t make her own decision.

jasmynj7 said...

The set for the stage would be designed as a bedroom for a female. There would be a very large bed with pillows at the head for decoration. A table would be beside the bed with an alarm clock and a radio on it. There would be a long mirror on the wall because what girl doesn’t have a mirror in her room? I’d also put a desk on the set. The stage would be dim and lavender lighting would be used to simulate lavender walls.

The set would be designed this way because in act 1 scene 3 Laertes has an older brother /younger sister talk with Ophelia and I picture it happening in her room. It seems like she is doing something in her room and out of nowhere her brother comes to give her advice before he leaves for school. She seems like a smart, witty girl who keeps things simple so I put a desk in her room to show her intelligence and only things she may like or need such as an alarm clock, mirror, and a radio. She comes off smart when Laertes gives her a long speech about Hamlet not making her a priority and how she should be careful with her relationship with him. In return she says “I shall the effect of this good lesson keep/…But, good my brother/Do not…/Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven, /Whiles…/himself the primrose path of dalliance treads/And recks not his own rede.” (49-55) In short, she’s telling Laertes that she’ll keep the advice in mind but he shouldn’t go against his own advice. She’s smart enough to see that though her brother is trying to help, he may not mean it since he goes against his own advice.

In this scene Ophelia would have her hair up in a ponytail, again because she seems simple. She is wearing a long sleeve white tee-shirt and gray sweatpants because she’s in her own home and a simple girl is the type to get comfortable in her home by wearing pajamas around the house. I picture her to be maybe 19 or 20 years old yet Polonius tells her that she speaks “like a green girl” (110). He tells her this after she says that Hamlet has “made many tenders/Of his affection to me.” (108-109) so he’s saying that her believing in Hamlet’s affection is a thought of a young girl. He may also call her green, or young, because she is dressed like a young girl rather than dressed with an actual outfit on that makes her look kept.

I would begin the scene with jazz music since I picture Ophelia being in her room alone and then lower the volume and change it to classical music or sad-themed music as Laertes entered. The music would then go off and Laertes would begin talking. I picture Ophelia listening to something that not everyone listens to and the mood of the music changing to sadness because Laertes is about to say goodbye. When Polonius enters after Laertes says “O, fear me not” (56) the door slams behind him and the mood becomes intimidating. I see this because Laertes starts to head out as his father enters as he says “I stay too long. But here my father comes,” (57) and it seems like he is intimidated by his father. Polonius would walk over to Laertes and Ophelia with hard and loud footsteps so that it would seem like he is in charge.

Ophelia would deliver her lines at first like she is sad when Laertes tells her to “let me hears from you,” (4) because that is the beginning of his goodbye. She would become sarcastic when she tells his that she’ll follow his advice even though he goes against it. She again seems witty but not mean so the sarcasm would be given with a smile and not with an attitude. When she’s talking to Polonius about what Laertes had just told her she’d talk about it with the “yeah okay” type of attitude because she’s going to act like she doesn’t care too much about what her brother had just said to her. She’s going to talk about Hamlet with sincerity in her voice because she is talking about her boyfriend, someone she loves. This tone in Ophelia’s voice will show that she is the type of female who takes things seriously but in the end makes her own decisions. This shows that she has to learn many lessons on her own.

Judith D. 1 said...

Judith Desir
Period 1

As a director of the play/ movie Hamlet, I would have the setting take place in the 1990s. All the characters would speak normal English. The characters with a rich background, would all be wearing name brand clothing such as Baby Phat, Coach, Puma, Nike, Lot 29, etc. The rich characters would live in big mansions and would drive big cars such as Benz, Lexus, Escalator, etc. Me having my characters wear name brand clothing and driving big cars and living in mansions; will sit their place in society and people around them would know that they are of value. Also as a director, I would pick Ophelia to cast. I would like to focus on her because ion Act 1 scene 3, she is the only female who actually speaks and that has lines. I also picked Ophelia because I want to change the way she speaks to her brother in Act 1 scene 3.

As the director, the stage would have a modern feel to it. I would want the stage to relate to what is happing in the scene. The setting would take place in the north side of Chicago, IL. This is where the upper class people live. Laertes is leaving home to o to college and is saying his good byes to his little sister and giving her advance on her relationship with the prince. “My necessaries are embarked. Farewell. And sister, as the winds give benefit and convey (is) assistant, do not sleep, But let me hear from you” (Act 1:3 line 1-4). So, the scene would take place in Laertes’ bedroom. There would be a king size bed with red silk sheets and matching pillowcases. The bed would have lots of clothes on it with big Louis Vuitton suitcases on it. There would be clothes and clothing tags on the floor and the bed. The king size bed would be in the middle of the stage with one night stand on both size of the bed. One of the night stands, there would be a lamp and a William Shakespeare book on it. On the other night stand, there would be an Apple Notebook with his cell phone next to it. Both the book and the laptop and the cell phone will show that his family comes from a rich background. There would be painting of Picasso and posters of Beyonce on his walls. The painting on his wall would show that he is educated but at the same a teenager. I would have around the age of 21 or 23 years old. This is the first scene that where the reader meets Ophelia, so I would have soft dime lights on her. The lighting would be dime because she is a soft character. The dime lights being on her would show the audience that she is a new character. In other parts of the room, there would be very bright lighting to show that this is a scene where a brother is showing his concerns about his baby sister. Also as the director, I would have different dime color lighting in the room because the conversation that Laertes is having with Ophelia is a farewell. It seems that Laertes and Ophelia get alone ok. She is in a good mood and because of that, I would want the light to be bright and white pastel colors on her; when she is speaking of her love with Hamlet.

When it comes to Laertes, he would be wearing black dress pants with a light green button down shirt with matching alligator shoes. He would look of a person of importance and value. The black pants would symbolize his protective size over his sister. The light green shirt would symbolize the nice and gentle side of him. “A violet in the youth of primy nature, forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, the perfume and suppliance of a minute, no more” (Act 1:3 line 8-11). This is where Laertes is talking to Ophelia and telling her that the love that she and Hamlet shares is not permanent. He tells her that it is not lasting and he does not want her to be with him. He compares their relationship with a violet. The imagery that Shakespeare uses to describe the relationship of Hamlet and Ophelia demonstrates to the reader of how Laertes feels about them and how other people feel. Shakespeare uses the image of the violet to say that Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia will grow in the beginning but will later fall apart just like a violet.

Ophelia would be around the age of 20 and 22 years old. She would be sitting on her brother’s black leather couch watching the TV show “Girlfriends” on his plasma TV. She would be listening to what he has top say about her and Hamlet; but not really paying much attention to his conversation. I would have Ophelia wearing a tight pink Baby Phat mini skirt with leggings and fresh white air force ones. She will be wearing a white Baby Phat tank top to match her mini skirt. Her hair will be half braided in the front and curly in the back. She will be about 5’6 with a nice tan complication with long brown hair. It is the summer time so that is why she is wearing the mini skirt. I want her to dress as a teenager in the 1990s and have a rebellious attitude when people want to get in her business with her man, Hamlet. She will weight about 140 pounds with all her fat in the right place. She will stand up for her relationship and not let people bad mount her relationship. I would want her to brave and strong for her and Hamlet; because she comes from a family of money, she would be wearing nice jewelry. She will be wearing Hello Kitty Jewelry set by Kimora Lee Simons, who is the designer of Baby Phat Clothing Co. When she is responding to her brother’s opinion about her and Hamlet, she will have her cd player on listing to Jz and Chingy. “Do you doubt that?” (Act 1:3 line 5). This is after Laertes is telling an Ophelia that he doest approving of her relationship with the prince. She will answer with a little umph in her voice; which will suggest that she does not care what her brother is saying but she will still try to respect his opinion. When she meets with her boyfriend, Hamlet she will be wearing nice dresses and gowns when they go out in public.

In the background, there will be music playing. In the production, I will have Beethoven playing. Beethoven will show the audience that they are a family of class and educated; but the ironic part of the play would be to have Ophelia be the rebellious teenager, in a family of so much class. This will be what makes the play interesting to the audience. The music I would want to have played would be sad and quite because Ophelia and Laertes are saying their good goodbyes. “I shall the effect of this good lesson keep as watchman to my heart…Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven…” Laertes: O’ fear me not” (Act 1:3 line 49-56). This is the last words spoken between Laertes and his little sister Ophelia, before he leaves to go to college. At this point, the music will slow down to signify the end of their conversation. Even though, this takes place in the 1990s, but people still listen to classical music.

I would want Ophelia to deliver her lines in a lovable and tenderly way. She is a nice girl until people start to bad mouth her relationship with the prince. When she is speaking in her rebellious tone, she will speak in a sarcasm way. She will sound innocent normally and still be obedient when spoken to. “I shall obey, my lord” (Act 1:3 line 145). This is act the end of her conversation with her father and is obey what her father has said. She will be a good teenager until people start talking about Hamlet and her. She will control over the way she speaks to others. This shows that she is intelligent. To me she is confused, she wants to be Hamlet, but her family does not want her to be with him. This is why she can get rebellious at times, but in general, she is good and respectful towards others.

Mei said...
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MeiC P7 said...

I chose Ophelia because she is special. She is the girlfriend of a tragic hero, which means she may not end up with a happy ending in her life. She is deeply loved by her brother and father yet she is in love with a tragic hero, I think it is kind of sad but I still like her very much.

Take Act1 Scene 3 as an example, if I am a director of the play, I would set up the stage Denmark, Middle Age. According to Scene 1 in Act 1 the story of Hamlet happens in Denmark. And I choose Middle Age because I think it is a time full of knight, kings, queens, princes and princesses. For the stage I would set it up as the living room of Ophelia's family since Laertes is about to go back to France because according to the play, they are saying goodbye to each other and Laertes is like giving advice to his sister before he leaves her for he is worried about her relationship with Hamlet. I think they should be living in a big house because Polonius and Laertes work for the king so they must be rich. There should be a few sofa and loveseats or armed chair in the background and some paintings on the wall, and a fireplace next to the seats to show that this is a warm house, a home for Ophelia. Since Laertes studies in foreign country I predict that they must be highly educated and I want a bookshelf by the seats too. Lights should be bright and focused on the characters talking, and some warm color backlights to show how the room looks.

I would like Ophelia to wear plain, simple dresses in the light colors like white, sky blue, pink, yellow. I imagine her as a young lady who is in love, and her age should be around 16 to 18 because this is the time when a girl looks most beautiful in my opinion, mature enough to be in love but still not yet an adult. Although she is a prince’s girlfriend and she is rich but she is not proud, she rather lives a simple life so she wears simple and casual wear in Middle Age, she wears beautiful gowns only when she need to go into the castle to meet hamlet – all girls want to look their best in front of the men they love. All her dresses and gowns should be made of silk and in Victorian style because no matter how simple Ophelia tries to wear, rich people always deserves to wear clothes made of the finest materials. Victorian Fashion also loosely refers to fashion style in that period of time, not only limited to UK and its colonies. It shows extreme class contrast but can be either simple or luxurious. Ophelia should have long silky hair tied up at her back, decorated with jewelries. She should also wear necklaces, bracelets, ear rings and all the decorative stuffs made of silver because I think gold makes her look weird as a young lady.

For the sound effects, like background music I would choose classical, like piano, harp or violin. The music should be soft and sad because the scene is about Laertes saying goodbye to Ophelia, so that the audience can listen to both the dialogue and enjoy the mood of the scene brought by the background music. When Polonius enters it can be changed to lighthearted because I think it is funny when Polonius said “Yet here, Laertes? Aboard, aboard, for shame!” and try to get rid of him, he breaks the slightly sad and serious mood between Laertes and Ophelia while talking about Hamlet, and remains the same tone throughout the scene because I think this scene is more relaxing than the heavy relationships and ghosts in the scenes before.

Ophelia should deliver her lines in a soft voice but can be heard clearly, I think she should have a sweet voice which is comfortable to listen when she speaks. This is because I think Hamlet should also love Ophelia very much, including her voice which heals his heart when he lost his lovable father. It shows that Ophelia is a lovely girl, yet natural and innocent. I want her to be friendly and nice to everyone and shows shyness when the topic of the conversation changes to Hamlet because her brother loves to make fun of their relationship to show that he worries about his sister, Ophelia understands that but just can’t help feeling shy when it comes to things about Hamlet, the man that she loves. Ophelia speaks politely even to people close as brother and father to show that she is well educated, she should show her mature thoughts about family but is still a novice in love.

Juliana C 7 said...

The Character I chose to cast in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’ is Ophelia. I chose this character because she has a strong personality when reading her words. On Act 1 Scene 3 is when she is introduced and has a deep conversation with her brother Laertes.
The environment of this scene would be very classic like fancy, as a castle. The conversation would take place on a large living room with red fancy sofas a table on the center and a big bouquet of red roses on the center of it, a beige rug, a china cabinet filled with crystal glasses behind the sofas, a side table with pictures from ancestors and also red flowers, and a white piano on the side close to the window. The room would be in a light color, a cream color, with lots of windows with lots of light coming from it. On the piano area it would be round with windows with white curtains with light red flowers on it all around it. This set of furniture the crystal glasses and especially the piano is to represent the class of the family, as rich and well educated people. The color of the furniture is to represent the light classic taste of the females of the family, whom is usually responsible for decoration, and it also represents a little of their personality as being careful, lovely and united as a family. The red flowers around is to represent the fakeness that every human being has deep down, now matter how educated the person is.
Ophelia would be dressed in light pink and white. Laertes would be dressed in dark green and brown, and Polonius would be dressed in black and dark blue. These colors on their clothes would represent each one’s personality. Ophelia as a nice daughter that listens a respects to her father and brother, however she is not as perfect as she seems, she gives a little hint of naughtiness when she admits that she has been seeing Hamlet in secret. “He hath, my Lord, of late made many tenders Of his affection to me.”(Line 108 pg.45) Laertes and Polonious wears dark colors because they’re men and are not as delicate. The strong colors represent how man has power, also how man can be unfaithful and can’t follow their own advices; “I shall the effect of his good lesson keep As watchman to my heart. But, good my brother, Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven, Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads And recks not his own rede.” (Line 49-55 pg. 42, 43)
This fancy scene would be completed by a calm light song of an orchestra or an opera. The music would be very low as if there was no music, it would be to just make the environment and the conversation among the family members more comfortable and approachable. These kinds of music are mostly heard by rich and high class people, whom they apparently are; also this genre of music tells more of their personality making the viewer doubt of their perfect family and their individual personalities.
Laertes, to fit his clothes and colors, would talk firmly as if he had a lot of experience on life, but the kind of person that doesn’t believe in his own words. Although he doesn’t follow his advices, he would be friendly and careful with his sister when giving her advices about seeing Hamlet. Polonius to also match his dark colors would be serious dad, the kind of father that almost doesn’t smile. He would be a lovely, careful father, as every dad want the best of their children, however he also want to gain something from the future of their children especially Ophelia, for being a girl. “Tender yourself more dearly, or (not to crack the wind of the poor phrase, Running it thus) you’ll tender me a fool” (line 116 Pg. 47) He wants to take advantage of his daughter but doesn’t want to show it, so he protects her because he has the duty to, but also to make sure that she won’t end up without anything of value. Ophelia would be the kind and gentle sister and daughter who listen carefully to every word said by her older brother Laertes and her father Polonius; she not only listens to them but responds to their advices with a lot of respect and submission. Although she acts as the best daughter, she is naughty and has a lot of secrets behind her sweet eyes. She would act this way because she has to give hints of her true self, whom is the very opposite of what she seems to be by her dress and colors and also actions towards her father and brother; she confirms this piece of her personality when she says that she had seem Hamlet secretly.

Nada.A 2~.~ said...

In act one scene three where ophelia has the “akward” conversation with her father about hamlet, i have the setting of the scene be in an orchard, with many flowers, trees and plants. It would be daytime, and the sun would be out, so it would be bright. I would see this as an ideal setting for this scene because of the many references both laertes and polonius use of plants, to compare to ophelia. Such as when her brother says: “ a violet in the youth of primy nature”, “virtue itself ‘scapes not calumnious strokes. Her father also says: “you speak like a green girl”. Maybe it was bright outside because he says: “these blazes, daughter, giving more light than heat”.

This would be in London, The timing would be now which is the 21st century in the end of summer,and Ophelia is a fit and attractive teenager wearing maybe a jeans miniskirt and a light colored tank top. her brother who just graduated out of high school, is wearing a pair of regular jeans and a regular t-shirt from holister, he is well fit too. Her father is a rich businessman, he is wearing a formal suit. I described Ophelia the way i did because her father tells her to: “tender herself more dearly”, that she should make her self worth more. I described her father the way i did because many times he tells her not to let hamlet make her loose her honor and his. He says: “or you’ll tender me a fool”. I described her brother as the way i did, because he is off to study abroad in college, and he is still young.

In this scene, i would have classical music. I would have something like something from the soundtrack of the movie peter pan (2003) composed by James newton Howard the name of the piece is called: “set them free” every time either one Laertes or Polonius speak, it is when the key of the music is played in a high tone, and every time the tone of the piece is low, that is when Ophelia is making a point, or trying to say something for her self.

I would see her father as very strict, with a low voice in the beginning of the scene but then when he says: ‘or you’ll tender me a fool” , or when he says: “ ay, ‘fashion’ you may call it. Go to, go to!” that is when his tone starts to get higher and he becomes more mad. On the other hand i see her brother as calm, because he is about to leave for college. Ophelia's tone is as if she knows what she is doing, and sometimes sarcastic. she thinks she knows better because of when she says to her brother: “but good brother, do not as some ungracious pastors do, show me the way to heaven, whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine, himself the primrose path of dalliance treads and recks not his own rede.”

Emma M per:7 said...

The character I chose is Ophelia. I picked her because I wanted to follow young woman in the play and be to compare her to a girls from today. I chose the act 1 scene 3 because it is interesting to see the comparison of a farewell between her father and daughter situation and now it still the same relationship.

As the director I would like the stage to be in the latest 19th century, the location would be Denmark like Horacio mentions in the beginning. The stage would be set up in times of the kings. I would have Ophelia sitting down on a table looking directly at her father when he was talking to her. They would be at the dinner room where there would be big chair and lots of painted so they look sophisticated like they are upper class. . In the scene it is the first time we meet Ophelia and she is important to the play even though she is not exactly the main character she is going to be very important on hamlet life. She seemed to be very respectable toward her father and was only heading what her father was saying and didn’t argue just was agreeing with him. I would want the lighting to be bright because of how they are talking. It seems like they really care about each other. And I would choose the set like this because her father Polonius wants the best for her.

The music for this background would be a light violin tone in the background. Just so you can hear it. I pick violin because this is classical times and I would expect there to be a violin because is soft and delicate. The music would be a mad and sad and dramatic or even suspicions tone because her father and daughter are basically saying that she needs to be careful not to become a slut and don’t give her self to easy to hamlet and be careful with all the gossip and ECT. It is obvious that in this play the man takes charge of the woman, as do most of Shakespeare plays. So the music would go louder when he tells her that she is a green girl just for more dramatic sound.

Ophelia would be wearing a luxurious gown maybe in pink or white. I picture her as a young teenager, no older than 19. I picture her this way because Polonius said "Your speak like a green girl, Unsifted in such perilous circumstance", (line 109-110 act 1 scene 3). She is of a rich family so I would expect her to wear fine jewelry, ring, and necklaces ,earrings and of courses lots of bracelets and have her hair done properly with perhaps even some of those fancy feathers in it curly and long very sophisticated. Her shoes would be high heels and glamorous with gold all around. I picture her that way because I believe even back then the female still cares very much about her appearance, especially if they were in high class like Ophelia and wanted to impress Hamlet, and to be very much into shopping so she could have everything that was in style.

I would want Ophelia to deliver her lines in a lovable and sweet way. When she is speaking in her rebellious tone, she will speak in a sarcasm way, ex: when people talk about her relationship with the prince. She will sound innocent normally and still be obedient when spoken to. “I shall obey, my lord” (Act 1:3 line 145). This is act the end of her conversation with her father and is obey what her father has said. She will control over the way she speaks to others. This shows that she is intelligent. She sound confused, she wants to be Hamlet, but her family does not want her to be with him. So on act 1 sc 3 that when her father talks about her relationship and how it wont work. All this tone is to show Ophelia’s will show many different type of female emotions who takes things seriously but in the end makes her own decisions. And it shows that she will learn a lot from her love life and from other people gossip and even inside her own house.

Linda e 7 said...

As the director of the play/movie Hamlet, I would like the stage to be squared with a long walk way. A walkway as if you were at a fashion show. So, when Laertes and Polonius are giving Ophelia a speech, they will be in the spot light. Also, everything that will be on set will be close to each character for example, props or furniture for the scene. This would be a good idea because it makes everything closer to the character that is using it. It will help the play run smoothly. It will be as if the character has their bubble/space. I think arranging things like this the play will run smoothly.

Ophelia’s costume will be a short dress. She will wear the dress with dark blue jeans or black leggings. It will be a bright yellow sparkly dress. Her shoes will be white flats. This is a choice because then she is the one that stands out from the cast. With her standing out from everyone else, Hamlet will pay more attention to her, she will catch his eye. Also, she will be the center of attention when it comes to her part. The dress will be modern as if the time period is around 2005-2008. Her hair will be black. Her hair will be black because it will give her a bolder look, somewhat dramatic.

There will be sound effects when Laertes walks off stage, and there will be a doorbell sound affect when a Polonius comes on set, so the audience knows someone new is here. Also, there will be classical music played for about 5 minutes before a new scene; it will not be loud so it will not irritate. The music will make the audience feel more comfortable and maybe make them more into the play. With the music, they will know when there is a new scene. Also, before each scene there will be someone coming on stage to say some context

Ophelia will deliver her lines with a clear/loud voice that will show the audience that she is a confident, respected woman. She will be happy and ready for anything; it shows that her character is cheerful and that she is one of the good characters in the play. She will look innocent when talking to her brother, like she is just a little girl. In Act 1 Scene 3 she says “Do you doubt that?”(Line 5) and “No more but so?”(Line 13), she seems innocent because she is replying with questions like she has no clue.

Mr. G said...

It is the day after the assignment was due...I'm making a note for myself.

kiara j7 said...

The set of my play would be an urban setting. The actors would have on regular clothes like air max and high top dunks. The girls would wear skinny jean and have big jewelry if they are rich. The boys would wear red monkey jeans. The story would take place in New York Manhattan to be exact. The area would be very live and every nigh would be a new adventure. The exits would be through the stage and the lights would be focused on the individual speaker when they are speaking .there would be lights but not that bright on the stage so that all other actors would be visible.

The characters costumes would be very extravagant if they play rich characters and if they are middle class they would wear regular everyday clothes (jeans and tops). And the poor people would wear clothes from the thrift shops in the hood. People like Ophelia would wear the rich clothing and have jewelry like pearls and diamonds. The middle class would be Hamlets friends Marcellus; he would wear things like Nikes and the monkey jeans and may have a little gold in his life. If there are servants in the story they would wear the thrift clothes.

In the castle the music that would be played would be classic music like Beethoven would be played softly. In the hood they would listen to R&B and Rap. For example 112, lil Wayne and Chris brown. The poor people would not be able to listen to nay thing. The music would be Beethoven at the part where Laertes is talking to his sister about Hamlet and how he does not want her to get really involve with him, and it would transfer to some hard core Rap at the part where Polonius is talking.

The characters would speak very proper when they are around the royals and they would speaking slang and how ever they are comfortable around the regular people. Ophelia would take on two sides she would be portrayed as innocent around her father and get props around the normal people because she with Hamlet

rachael_n7 said...

The character I chose is Ophelia, because she falls into my topic of the year. She’s a young girl dealing with a conflict of love and obeying her family. If I had to guess I’d say she’ll end up following her heart, like most teenage girls would.

I would set the scene for Act 1: Scene 3 in the family’s garden. It would be very early in the morning with the colors from a sunrise still glowing in the sky. The flowers in the garden would be bright colors and all be blooming. Both Ophelia and Laertes are sitting on a stone bench at the edge of the garden with a tree over them. It’s blooming with flowers and small amounts of light shimmering through onto them as they sit and talk. When I think of any character, I picture them as if it were from this time period.

Ophelia would be wearing a spring dress she hates, only because it’s what her parents want her to wear. It’s covered in flowers and extremely girly. She’d probably be more comfortable in jeans and a nice shirt, but as usual she wears what her parents want her to. Laertes would be in more dressed up clothes because he’s about to go off to school and his parents want him to make a good impression. He’s not wearing a tie or anything but still dressed up.

In the background you could hear some kind of Mozart or something intellectual like that. Again, there parent’s idea. Their father doesn’t allow any other kind of music because he thinks it’s inappropriate. It wouldn’t be loud, just enough for it to have effect. It could only be heard because most of the windows are open on this lovely spring day.

While speaking with Laertes, Ophelia would use the kind of “okay I get it” tone. They’re brother and sister, and being the younger one she’s used to his lectures. She’s sick of hearing what she’s supposed to be doing from her brother and is giving him a slight attitude. This shows us she just like most teenage girls, she feels as though she’s always being nagged by a sibling. When she’s speaking with her father, Polonius, she comes across as an innocent daddy’s little girl. It sounds as if anything he says goes. She agrees with what he says, because she knows that’s what he wants to hear. This shows us she knows how to work over her father so he thinks she’s a little angel, even if in reality she’s not.

Paco G 2 said...

I’ve chosen the character of Ophelia because I always pick the male characters and I thought I would change it this time to write about a female. If I were the director of Hamlet, I would set the stage to make it seem like a nice room with a lot of pink because she sounds like a girly girl and she would be sitting in her bed almost all the time just thinking about things and just doing things that girls usually do like combing her hair or trying on clothes and stuff like that.
I picture Ophelia wearing something light, like a purple-like summer dress with sandals. I would cast for the character of Ophelia a young, good looking 16 year old girl because when Claudius calls her “green girl” it makes me picture her character as a young confused girl who is just starting to experience new things in her life like love and she feels pressured by Hamlet because he keeps coming into her room to see her and to confess his love for her. The time period that I would choose would be like a 19th century kind of theme to try to make it look as close to the book as possible.
Some of the sounds that I would introduce into the play would be just like raining sounds and stuff like that and every time when Ophelia is in the stage I would play soft classical music. When Hamlet walks into the room looking all crazy-like I would play something a little bit more agitated, but still classical; something more like what Tom & Jerry used to play when Tom was chasing Jerry because I think that that scene is quite funny and I’m sure that it could result in a good comedy break for the play.
I would make Ophelia deliver her lines in a kind of preppy tone since at the end of the day she is a pretty rich girl and pretty spoiled, and to talk to you father the way she does about things like sex, and love, and all the stuff that she talks about, I would picture her as a very preppy, spoiled, kind of careless girl. This also shows how the character is very inexperienced and young. Also when she delivers emotional lines or when she’s explaining to her father all the stuff that Hamlet did to her and all the stuff that he said, she would motion her arms and very specifically move her arms as she speaks.

aliciar2 said...

The character I chose to cast is Ophelia. I picked her because of the conversation between her and her brother Laertes in act1 scene 3.I thought that this was an important scene and it showed how Laertes really cares about his sister.

As a director I would place this scene in Ophelia's room. This is a private place that she would feel comfortable enough to discuss matters with her brother about Hamlet. Her room would be modern since it is the 19th century with alot of light purple. Almost a lavender color since purple represents royalty. There would be paintings of herself as well as flowers all around her walls. Since her tone isnt harsh when speaking to her brother I would make the lighting soft. Not to bright and not to dark.

Ophelia would also have on a beautiful chain with earings to match.Perhaps diamonds because she is apart of a wealthy family. I picture her to be young. Around the ages of 16 and 17.Since she is so young she would be wearing a long beige gown with an updo hairstyle showing that she young but still classy. Her dress would be flattering her figure but not tight enough to see all of her curves.Her shoes would be brown sandals and low like the Romans use to wear back in the day.

The music in the background would be a piano because it is classy and calming. It would be a soft playing. You would be able to hear it but not enough so that you couldnt hear the actors. Then when Polonius arrives I would make the piano louder as well as change the theme to a one that represents someones in trouble. I would do this because the mood changes when Polonius arrives to a less relaxing one.

As the director i would want Ophelia to deliver her lines sort of witty when speaking to her brother. Since she believes he's a hypocrite she doesn't really take him seriously when he's trying to give her advice.This shows that she is fiesty when she needs to be and wont take advice from anyone who doesn't follow it themselves. But when Polonius is speaking to Ophelia I would make her tone soft, sweet, and innocent. Since that is her father and she respects him as well as his authority she wouldnt bother talking to him in any other tone. This shows that she alot of respect for her father and doesnt want to do anything to dissapoint him.

ilensj7 said...

The character that I picked to cast is Ophelia. The way the stage would look is I would a scene outside, right in front of the house and Laertes would be holding his luggage and his body posture would be straight and tall like he superman in his prime. The sun would be out so I would want yellow lighting and a fan on stage so it could be windy outside too. To give a sense of someone going on a journey and they give there final words. The clothing would be regular modern clothing. Clothing of the 21st century.

The way Ophelia would be dress is some skinny jeans on, Prada stilettos, nice top shirt from New York and company, with ice on her neck. Ophelia would portray herself as a smart, independent sophisticated woman with attitude. Wearing colors that stand out colors like red, yellow, and blue to attract the human eye. Ophelia would have the sidekick lx for a phone and an ipod for her music.

Sound effects like the wind blowing and sort of a nice smooth sound then all of a sudden it would stop and some hip hop would turn on. Playing songs from artist like Solider Boy, Jay z, Beyonce and much more. The music that all the young females are listening to in the 21st century. Artist like Keyshia Cole and Alicia Keys singing about love make the women eager to know what love is.

My character would say her lines like she doesn’t care what they are trying to tell her but yet she id being respectable. Going in one ear and out the other. Like most teenage girls they never listen too their parents or older brothers that’s looking out for them. Lying to her father by just saying yes none of words are sinking in. this shows that my character is rebellious and does what she wants to do.

lidia s1 said...

Lidia Soriano
March 25, 2008
English CP 1

Cast A Character Act 1

In act 1 scene 3 is where Ophelia makes her first big day view in the play the scene takes place in Polonius’ chamber where Laertes is saying his farewell’s to his baby sister Ophelia. As director I want the scene be that Ophelia will be seated on a bed in the middle of the room and next to her will Laertes. To Ophelia’s right there will be an enormous balcony door where the sun’s rays fall into the room filling it with a bright light. If one stands on it, it will have a half-circle shape with the railing made of stone with beautiful craftsmanship designed on it. When one looks outside all one can see is a meadow of wild flowers and a sea of trees who’s leaves look a bright green of primavera. Some thorny veins and beautiful tree branches full of roses and bright green leaves will be wrapped all around the balcony’s railing and the walls surrounding the outside of the balcony door. Inside where Laertes is saying good bye to Ophelia the bed which they are on is a queen sized bed which take a large amount of the space in the room it’s a very squeaky bed and also very sturdy and hard, the sheets that are on the bed is a grayish turquoise color that is nothing close the bright it looks musty and old. The pillow covers are also that color there are only two and they are both at the top and look like big rough type rocks. On Ophelia’s front there is a dark wooden drawer with an enormous mirror on top of it and a half melted white candle on each side of the drawer that give light in the night because in those times electricity was not yet invented. The theme is taking place in the mid-evil times. On Laertes’ front there is a caobin door with a gold handle that if you open it leads to a long hall way from left to right the walls all covered in a dark green paint and the floor covered in a dark brown rug. The hall is lined up with bedrooms across from each other there are twenty into total. All the way to the right end of the of the hall is a dark green wall with a painted portrait of king Claudius with a straight face representing power and wealth and a lit white candle on each side of the painting giving the portrait light and depth. All the way to the left is a long staircase that has an elegant twist form to it that leads to the main living room of the castle. Back to Laertes and Ophelia Polonius’ chamber walls are a wine red color and the floor a marble with black and white waves in it. To Laertes left there is a couch wine red with rose designs’ on it that are color gold.

As director 1 would like my character dialogue, to be that of one of a Shakespearean tragedy from beginning to end. There may be some occasional humorous parts but, I want the play to be viewed as a realistic drama that the actors may leave the audience astonished by the breath taking performance. The camera will start by capturing the sun’s bright rays then backing up and shifting down toward the meadow of wild flowers and trees. Then the camera will focus on a small blue bird flying through the meadow and follows it as it approaches the balcony. The bird stops and stands on the railing and stares into the room where Ophelia and Laertes are seated on the bed. The camera now focuses on Ophelia, her angelic face pale white and hazel nut brown eyes as innocent as an angel from the heavens. Her long light brown hair loose and flirting with the wind and at the very top of her delicate dainty head lays a small white Hamadan. She is wearing a long sleeved delicate white dress that begins at her shoulders and runs all the way down to her feet, covering her petit feet. Her figure is thin and petit. Her looks younger than she really is sixteen.

The has a light piano and harp melody followed by the sweet chirping of birds coming from in the meadow. The music fades down awfully low but still in tune. Laertes begins to speak his dialogue from act l scene 3, “ My necessaries are embarked. Fare well.” and so on lines 1-4. He stares at Ophelia with compassion and lays lightly one arm on her shoulder. Ophelia looking down at her hands and fluttering fingers, stands up walks to her right on out to the balcony. Delicately she pets the small blue bird that still stands on the railing and responds “ Do you doubt that?” line 5. Laertes still sitting on the bed stands up and responds “ For Hamlet, and the trifling of his favor,.” lines 6-11. Still talking he walks over toward Ophelia and stands beside her with a smurky look in his eyes Ophelia looking down at the blue bird rapidly turns and looks at him with an annoyed face and asks “ No mare but so? ” line 11. Laertes still with a smurky look in the eyes begins to walk around Ophelia with his head up trying to look superior and powerful, begins to give a long lector about teenage love “ Think it no more…“ lines 13-48. Ophelia admiring how much her brother could talk yet, not listening to a word he says and rolling her eyes. She mocks and intimidates his speech when he’s not looking and replays “ I shall the effect of this good lesson keep…“ lines 49-55 picking on the thorny roses she picks one and hands it to her brother smiling while she says “ Don’t, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,…” lines 51-52. Laertes grabs the rose without noticing the thorns it has and then throws it once he gets pricked and with a painful face he stares at Ophelia giggling still holding his finger and says “O, fear me not. “ line 56. Polonius enters the chamber Ophelia and Laertes also enter the chamber from outside the balcony when they hear their father come in. Laertes still holding his finger says “ I stay too long. But here my father comes “ lines 57. Then he notices he was still holding his finger and hiding wiped his finger on his pants and proceeds to talk “ A double blessing is a double grace” line 58. Then smiles at both Ophelia and Polonius. Polonius standing across from them stares at them then looks at Laertes with an awfully curious face and the camera fades to a black screen entering the proximal scene.