Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Review (Option 2)

A review is a piece of writing that offers an opinion about the value of a work. Even though it is opinionated, there is still no room for the first person in this essay. Before you turn it in, make sure you edit.

As I mentioned in class, you will review 2 out of the 3 specific moments in the movie that relate to your journal entries, not the whole movie. You are critiquing two specific moments in the movie based on your intimate knowledge of your book. You will absolutely need evidence from the book.

The Process:
  • Search the Internet for a review of the movie you are writing on. It is best to try and find one that is 750-1000 words long, since that's how long your review should be.
  • Copy & Paste into a word document and make it fit over two pages. Use the format of the page so it looks like a review. Feel free to play around with the format and font size.
  • When you hand in the review, you will obviously replace the text with your own and make sure your name is on it.

Image from the work of Roy Lichtenstein

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