Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Break Assignment

So you will obviously need to finish your independent reading book over the break. You should know the book very well. I expect you to have post-it notes and be able to find moments in the book at will.

As you were well aware, the books that you were able to choose from also had movies that accompanied them. You will need to see the movie before January 4th. You will also need to take notes--look especially for moments that either differ from the book or that were dealt with in an interesting way on film. You will need to take notes during the movie to do this effectively. Don't depend on your recall abilities! If seeing the movie before the 4th is a major problem, I will give you a more traditional assignment--but I think this one is more interesting.

Anyway, we have computer lab time set up for the 4th, and your assignment, worth a major paper grade, will be due soon after this. The quarter closes a couple after the second week in January! Please be prepared for this.

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