Friday, November 16, 2007

Agenda Update

Hi all,

I look forward to reading / grading your blogs on Camus. . .as well as spending as much time as possible on those college essays. If you need it asap--please come and see me and I will pull your paper out of my pile and go over with you.


1. Reader's Notebook Entries (see handout) are due Monday, November 19th for Period 7 and Tuesday, November 20th for Periods 1 & 2.

2. A Self-Assessment Analysis is due November 19th for Period 7 and November 21st for Periods 1 & 2. You are to print out a copy of your first quarter grades, with all assignments included, and write me at least a paragraph analysis of your performance in the class based on the data. Include in the analysis what your goal is for 2nd quarter and what you will be doing to insure you meet your goal. This is an easy assignment to receive full credit on--so please take it seriously and put the appropriate effort in.

Other than that, make sure you are in a lit group before you leave for Thanksgiving break.
Here are the choices (feel free to do some research on these books before you choose):

John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany
John Gardner, Grendel (with brief selections from Beowulf)
Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice
Phillip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly
Alice Walker, The Color Purple
Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild
Truman Capote, In Cold Blood
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera
Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha
Nick Hornby, High Fidelity
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Anyone notice what all these choices have in common?

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