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Bruegel Blog Post Period 1

Bruegel, Pieter Landscape with the Fall of Icarus c. 1558 Oil on canvas
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OPTIC. I find Walter Pauk’s theory quite useful when writing about an image.[1] The AP Art History Course also uses this Acronym as a successful approach to writing about visual art. I have adapted it here with further commentary and explanation in light of your specific goals.

Post your writing in the comment box with the following five categories. You will receive full credit (20 points) for one thousand words. (15 points) for 750 words. (10 points) for 500 words. (5 points) for 250 words. You are eventually going to have to write a longer paper and you will thank your future self for the writing you did here because you will be able to pull from it later.

  1. Overview: Conduct an Overview of the visual or graphic. I recommend an extensive brainstorming process here.
  2. Parts: Key in on the Parts of the visual by noting any elements or details that seem important. The old cliché goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which translates to about three pages. I think this is a good rule of thumb, but by no means a fixed rule. Describe what you see. Where do your eyes go to first? Then what? Follow the natural progress of where your eyes go. Give as much detail as possible.
  3. Title: Explain the Title (if one is present) and its relation to the piece of art. Even an “untitled piece” may tell you about the artist’s aesthetic.
  4. Interrelationships: Use the title, or your theory, and the parts of the visual as your clues to detect and specify the Interrelationships in the graphic. In other words, this is where you develop your thesis about the image and connect ideas.
  5. Conclusion: Draw a Conclusion about the piece as a whole.
[1] Pauk, Walter. How to Study in College. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997, 271.

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Jeffreyp1 said...

This here is a painting of Landscape with the Fall of Icarus. The painting has a guy that is wearing a red shirt with some sort of grey dress over it and is wearing tights with sum black shoes and he is on some sort of village pushing on a wooden tool with the brown horse on the other side attached and it looks like its pulling it and there on dirt and grass walking down it and another guy below him who is wearing a blue shirt with a brown sort of dress over it that is on his right looks like he’s growing plants or crops with a rake or something and there are animals beside him. There are trees near by and then there is a river with sailboats.

The first thing I see or notice in this painting is the water. The water takes up more then half the painting I think. The water is blue with a light shade in the middle of it. The shade comes from the sun while the sun is going down because it looks like a sunset. I see 2 to 3 boats on the water in the painting and they are sailing threw the water and one of the boats is near land on the left middle of the painting. The water looks like its getting waves on the lower part of the picture which probably means its windy outside. There are also these big rocks that look grey with a little opening or entrance that I can see in the middle of the rock and it is on the water that is also next to a piece of land which is very small but has trees and grass on it. In the middle of the water is another piece of land which is bigger then the other one. The land looks like has trees on it and grass and somewhat dirt also. I the water I can also see a guy in the water who looks like he is naked in the water and he could be swimming or drowning with his legs kicking upside down. Right next to that guy is another guy who is on the bottom left corner and he looks like he is fishing in the water and is sitting on the edge of the grass or could be trying to save the other guy who could possibly be drowning. The guy looks like he has a red head and is wearing a black hat with a white robe with a black string or belt around it. I also see a couple of birds flying around in the painting. Around the other side of the water is land and it looks like there is ice and it is white and is formed in a shape of a mountain. On the left side of the painting near the water is a land with little small houses on it. The ships could possibly be going to the land.

Another image in the painting I noticed was the guy wearing a red shirt with white pants and black tights with black shoes and a black little helmet on his head. The guy looks like he is kneeling down on his feet to do what he is doing on the dirt with the horse. He is steadily pushing a wooden plower while a stick in his hand and on the other side is a brown horse with a small white blanket on its back is pulling the wooden plower. In the painting the guy looks very tired. He is working on the dirt which looks like little mini mountains on the ground and right next to the dirt is the grass which looks flat. There are trees next to the guy and the trees look healthy with branches hanging on the side of it and there can possibly be bushes next to the guy to. The trees in the painting seem very tall and skinny trees too but some of the trees have little leaves on it and some other bushes or trees have little purple or dark red leaves. The guy looks like he is heading down a hill or mountain in a swirl direction. The hill that he is on looks very big and steep to go down on.

Also I see the sky. The sky stands out to me. The sky is on the top of the painting and is very light colored with a lot of detail. In the middle of the sky is the sun either going down or up and in the middle is somewhat yellow because of the sun and the clouds in the sky look very puffy which could mean that its going to rain. The sun is half way down which means it could be a sunset or a horizon and you can see a perfect reflection of the sky on the water. The sun is in the middle of the painting and halfway down the paint also. While looking at the position of the sun it seems to me that it’s getting late outside or could be getting early too.

I also see and notice another guy below to the right near the guy with the red. The guy looks like he is raking up or growing plants and crops. His hair looks very messy and he is wearing a blue shirt with a brown vest over it and has tight pants on with some high socks and a pair of boots on. The guy looks bored and is looking up in the sky and looks like he is dozing off. Maybe in the painting there is something in the sky that he is looking at. Next to the guy is a bunch of white and black cattle’s who is just wondering around in the painting. The cattle’s look like they are wondering around eating food or plant from the ground that the guy possibly grew ahead of time earlier.

Arnolina J1 said...

In this painting that I am looking at I see several different colors. I see bluish greenish water with fishes in it and someone fishing with his hand I think, what I mean by his hand is he’s grabbing fish with his hands. But what I just also realize is the two beige short things on the far left does kind of look like someone is drowning in the water, kind of like he is head first and those are his legs you can see hanging out the water and the same guy that I said was fishing could be saving the other guy and that could also be why he is reaching his hand out to but then again since it kind of seems like the guy reaching is pretty far from the person drowning he could be reaching out something so the other person could try to grab it and come back to land. There are tall trees and small bushes some look healthy with green leaves on them with brown stems and there are some that look like they are dying and lost all there leaves. There is a pretty sky view with plenty of all different colors like blue a little orange a lot of yellow with some mixture of probably light red or possibly some pink, then the sides of the sky look very dark with some grayish black like a chance of precipitation going to occur. I think I also see some light blue mountains or hills of some what blending into the sky. Below those hills or mountains little building or house people may live in some on sand like the island and some in the water or perhaps on the water to me I wouldn’t suggest that people live in those houses or little buildings but I think definitely not the ones in the water if they are house because I really would not understand how people (humans) can live on water unless there were mermaids which is another possible solution since this painting seems like its taken place long ago where mermaids probably existed. It also looks like there are two black birds on a little rock kind of towards the left they look like they are kind of spying on the gut I the red they could be little messengers to like bring back a message to the king if there is a king. There are two brown boats in the water they both look like there just floating in the water because it seems like there are no passengers on it to take control of the boats and they look like they are built with wood and some type of wire to keep it together. There is a white guy wearing old fashioned clothing that looks like a greenish tanish dress and a bright red sweater under the dress with dark brown tights on and black shoes, His hair is cut right below his shoulders and it looks like he is holding a long sword in his left hand and taking control of the brown horse that is connected to some type of wires and a brown long stick of wood with a wheels on it and the horse looks very tamed, the horse has a beige tail and some type of round necklace float kind of thing around his neck. The white guy also looks like he is off or already on a long journey some where, like he is ready to go battle with his enemies if that is a sword in his hand. The other white guy I think that is on the lower part of the rock that is wearing more of a blue sweater with black pants and black boots with a black back pack on his back and he is holding a very long stick. This guy holding the very long stick also looks like he is ready for a very long journey or he kind of looks like he has a lot of climbing to do because he has head up like he is looking at how much more has to go and he does not really seem to happy about it either he looks more like a peasant and he has some kind of animal next to him not to sure if it is a dog or a wolf or kind of looks like a black sheep and I just noticed there are a lot of white lambs or sheep all around the lower rocks also. From the looks of the scenery it seems to be in a very long ago tense like back where there were kings, knights and wars. Far in the ocean is that little land that looks like it has no people there I think that was drawn in there just for territory as in it was owned by someone and the could probably do anything they wanted with that free land. The stairs that are on the very far right does kind of look like it is leading to a castle because the stairs do look like they stack up very high and in most paintings or drawings you see look that has stacking stairs normally do lead to a very tall high building plus the what that guy is dressed he could be going to a castle like going to visit the king or going to deliver a message. The way the painting also looks to me like high class I think it was only like wealthy people that were living at the time because how the house looked and how they were dressed the seemed kind of rich. This guy who painted I think did very good detailing that he added because it really doesn’t seem like you would be able to tell a lot but when you pay good attention you can see all the great details and figure a lot about the painting. I think that is the whole meaning to paintings is taking time to figure it out or putting it in a thousands words.

HenryP1 said...

The image shows how people lived then in the old days, when there were wooden ships still being used. The way the gentleman dressed is unique. The man in the picture, whose whipping the small donkey is passing the brown wavy fields, was wearing a reddish –orange long sleeve a shirt with a gray dress over it. It shows that it might be in the lower temperature since he’s wearing a long sleeve instead of a short sleeve shirt. The gentleman has black curly hair and is wearing a black hat. Also, he’s wearing black tights with black shoes. It seems that he was plowing the field, while using the donkey to pull the brown wooden plow. On the side of the field which the gentleman did not plow yet was still green with grass. The trees in front of the donkey have dark greenish black leaves. They look as if they were dieing soon. Also, the trees aren’t full of leaves, there’s only a little amount of leaves on all the trees in the picture. Both the donkey and the gentleman is hard at work earlier in the morning since it is still the time of sun rising. There are two other gentlemen in the image. One is a sheep herder and the other seems to be a fisherman. The sheep herder is standing tall with one leg crossing the other, holding a long stick that was taller than he was, while looking up into the sky or the mountain of trees. He was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with greenish brown tight pants and black shoes. He’s surrounded by his family of sheep. Most of the sheep were white, two of them were gray and the one sitting right next to the sheep herder is brown one. The brown one acts as if he is the sheep herder’s dog by the way he is sitting right on the side of him. The sheep look fluffy with their soft fluffy fur. All of the sheep where either standing around or walking around. They look like they were searching for food or something. Where the sheep herder is standing is at a lower level of the land than the gentleman who is plowing the field. On the left side of the sheep herder is where the fisherman is sitting. He seems to be sticking his hand into the water. The fisherman has reddish – orange hair with a black hat on. He is wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a black belt around his waist. There is a big greenish - black turtle swimming near the pair of lady like legs that are sticking out of the water. The woman was drowning and it could be that the fisherman was reaching out his hand to try to save her. The waves in the water looks strong and the wind seem to be really strong too by the way the seals look. There is a big, old looking, wooden ship near the drowning woman. The white creamy colored seals seem to be blown by a strong force of the wind to move the ship deeper into the ocean. The ship looks like those old dirty pirate ships and on the top of the ship where the pole is, there is a white flag with a picture on it. There is also another littler ship that already in the ocean. Near the side of the ocean is a little island with a small castle looking cave. On the back side of the island there are trees and in the front there’s an entrance as if it is someone’s home. The city looks beautiful with the big buildings. There are tall skyline buildings and then there are the littler ones. The city looks like Boston’s view of the ocean. The city has a variety of colors in the picture. There’s pink, orange, yellow, blue, white, brown, and tan. In the background of the city are gigantic mountains. The mountains look like they are covered in white snow. Up in the mountains there’s a black bird flying towards the beautiful city. The sky blue ocean water looks clean and refreshing. There are smaller ships in the water along with the big ones and near the island there are two big rocks just there in the water. Far into the ocean there’s another island. This island is bigger than the one on the side of the ocean. This island has no trees but is filled with sand. In the background of the picture is the bright yellow sun rising to start brand new day. Along the shoreline there are more gigantic mountains that are covered with white snow. By the way the gentlemen are dressed in long sleeve shirts and the snowy mountains it shows that the season of the year could early spring. The picture makes the setting look calm and relaxing and shows the daily life of the peasants. The people wake up early in the morning while the sun is still rising to get started with their work for the day. There are may trees around but the do not look health with the green leaves instead they look dead. The sky looks beautiful with the many different shades of colors. It’s colored with gray, blue, yellow, white and orange. On both sides of the picture the sky is grayish – blue with white clouds. In the center it’s the bright shiny yellow sun rising. The sky looks warm and awakening. The picture shows a beautiful city with many activities going on while the sun is rising. There are people working and animals walking around. Then there are a woman drowning in the water while the fisherman is probably trying to save her. This image shows the daily life of people, even though there’s not much excitement in life there’s always the beauty of it, but you have to look deeply into the view to see the beauty within. A city like the one in the picture is not much until you look at every detail of everything.

Samy F. per.1 said...

in this painting there is many things occurring in this captured moment as Icarus faces his down fall. The temperature seems to be very cool which it seem like this painting takes place during the fall because of the people in the painting clothing and the branches on some of the trees have no leaves on them. The first you see is a man with a bright red baggy undershirt with a baggy sort of workers outfit with is clothing clearly bouncing off of the suns sunlight. He is also wearing a tight brown tights with black wornout working shoes This man is the biggest object in this painting, the man is plowing the land while icarus has fallen to his death. You cannot see the mans and the horse that he is controlling face it seems that this makes them seem unimportant both the horse and the man barely cast a shadow. The land that the man is plowing is very detailed you can almost see the grains of dirt. The trees around the man and the animal is also very detailed the can see every leaf on each branch and twig and sunlight bouncing off each leaf. As you look ahead of the man plowing the land you can see another man looking up towards the sky holding some kind of stick wearing a very light blue shirt with brown pants lighter brown tights with black working shoes similar to the man plowing the land just on top of him on the hill. The man is with dozens of sheep surrounding him, most likely this man is the Sheppard. The sheep around him are all eating, the majority of the sheep are but there is two who are very different they are both a very dark brown. After looking towards the Sheppard with his many sheep if you look to right you can notice a man to the right it a man fishing most likely a fisherman. His back is towards the viewer he is wearing a white shirt with a dark colored hat with his arm reaching out towards the sea. The next object I noticed was the ship out in the sea which has huge sails on it with many corridors inside of the ship and if u look very carefully you can notice a bright red banner on the side of the ship with white letters on it. The water around the ship is very detailed you can see how the water is making ripples in the water as the massive ship moves towards the sunset. As the viewer looks farther in the distance you can see how the painting changes the painting goes from very detailed using strong dark colors to a painting that has barely no detail and using brighter colors and seems like the painter uses water based colors. In the water ahead u can see many smaller ships sailing near what looks like a city with many tall buildings in the city. To the left of the city the are very tall mountains which are very light in color. As the mountains move the moves towards the city the color becomes more greener which makes it seems like it is trees. The mountains start to become the same color as the sky above. To left center of the water looks there is a small island which has a small sandy beach with grass and trees. Most of this island is taken up by giant rocks which also looks like it contains a small cave in the massive jagged rocks. If the viewer looks very closely throughout the whole entire painting there small little birds flying around everywhere. In the distance there is many mountains that can not be seem unless looked at very carefully, the sky in the painting is very light in color and in the middle of the painting in gets very yellow because of the sunlight. You can see the reflection of the bright yellow sun in the water. Near the sun there is a small island with a little city in it, the island is mostly covered by green and has a beach around it. To the right of the small what seems to be insignificant island is many mountains that fade away as it cut off by the end of the painting. The last thing that is noticed which is probably the most important thing in this entire painting is the legs of icarus in the water as he drowns to his death. It does show his face all it shows the legs of icarus. In this painting there are many different styles colors used to show the captured scenery as icarus falls to his untimely demise.

GeraldT1 said...

In the painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, by Pieter Bruegel, there are a few objects I notice in this painting that really stands out. The sun is one of the objects that stand out in the painting. The sun is probably rising over the horizon. The sunlight around the sun spreads throughout the sky. Also, there are clouds surrounding the sun. The clouds look like they are spreading away from the sun because the sun is rising over the horizon and pushing the clouds away. The color of the sea is a greenish color with a little blue. The color of the middle of the sea is a bright green. The reason why the middle of the sea is a bright green is because the sunlight is coming reflecting on the sea. The colors of the painting are very calm and gloomy. The colors closer to the sun are calm. The color of the sea is a lighter color but the color of the sea gets darker towards the bottom right of the painting. The colors closer to the bottom right of the painting are gloomy and dark. The trees on the left side of the painting also have a dark and gloomy look. I like how the images on the foreground are more detailed than the images in the background. The objects in the background of the painting are blurry and unclear. The mountains in the background seem to be fading into the color of the sky. The artist probably lets the spectator know that there is an object in the background but puts less details because the spectator probably knows what is in the background. The people and the objects on the foreground are rich of detail and color. The color yellow on the sun is very vivid. But the colors on some parts of the painting are gloomy and dark. I noticed that the sails on the ship are being blown really hard by the wind. The wind and the ship are also causing little waves moving at the city’s direction. I also noticed that the smaller ships are blended into the sea. The ships look as if they are being pushed at the direction of the city in the background. I also noticed an island with a cave. In my opinion, I believe that the island is where Daedalus built the Labyrinth. There is a city in the background which could be the city of Crete. There are a few islands in the painting. One of the islands could be the island where Icarus drifts onto.

Other objects that I noticed are the workers. The three workers in the painting is the plower, the Shepard, and the fisherman. The clothing the workers are wearing gives a view of what clothing they wear back in the 8th century. The first worker I noticed is the plower. The horse is pulling the plow while the plower is guiding the plow. I like the detail on the carves on ground as the plower plows the ground. In the painting, the color red on the plower's shirt really sticks out in the painting. The other colors seem to go together, but the red really stands out. The other worker I noticed is the Shepard who is on a little hill. There is also a dog sitting next to his owner and watching the sheep. In the painting, the Shepard seems to be looking at the sky. This makes me wonder why the Shepard is staring into the sky. Maybe the Shepard sees Daedalus flying over the sea or the Shepard is just day-dreaming. The third worker I noticed is the fisherman who is sitting by the shore. The fisherman is probably casting his line into the water or pulling a net. The fisherman

There seems to be a lot going on in the bottom right corner of the painting. I noticed another object that is close to the fisherman. The object looks like a person falling into the sea. I believe that the person is Icarus. In the myth, Daedalus and Icarus, Icarus' wings falls apart which causes Icarus to fall into the sea and die. In the painting, I noticed the feathers around him and he plunges into the sea. Icarus looks like he's struggling because of the splash of water around him. I also noticed that the workers don't seem to notice Icarus plunging into the sea. Even the fisherman, who is closest to Icarus, doesn't notice Icarus falling into the sea. I also noticed the dark and gloomy colors around Icarus. Dark and gloomy colors usually represents sadness, depression, and death. The dark and gloomy colors represent the death of Icarus. In the painting, I notice a little bird on the bottom right of the painting. The bird seems to be sitting on a branch near the ledge. The bird looks hidden in the painting because the background of the painting is very dark. The ledge also has a dark and gloomy look. The little bird looks like a partridge. In the myth, Daedalus’ jealousy of his nephew’s invention causes Daedalus to murder Perdix. But before Perdix was killed, he was changed into a partridge. In the painting, the partridge witnesses Icarus’ death, which is Daedalus’ tragic flaw. I also noticed that the tree branch that the partridge is sitting on has no leaves. A tree with no leaves can represent death and depression.

The title of this painting is Landscape with Fall of Icarus. This title goes with the painting because the painting is portraying the sea and landscape of where Icarus has died. The artist shows the city in the background which Daedalus and Icarus could be escaping from. The title is also related to the painting because the painting shows the death of Icarus. People who do not know the myth Daedalus and Icarus, may not pick out the person drowning on the bottom right of the painting. Also, they may not know the significance of the partridge sitting on the branch.

These are some comments and observations on the painting Landscape with Fall of Icarus. I believe that this painting from Brueghel is a good portrayal of Icarus’ death.

Pollyanna S 1 said...

On the paint by Pieter Bruegel, Landscape with the fall of Icarus. The paint is show how the people lived back in the old days because I notice that three are three guys working very hard in the very early mooning . The First guys is working as a ploughshare, he is wearing a red shirt with some sort of grey dress over it and he is also wearing tights black shoes .He is working in some village pushing on a wooden tool with the brown horse on the other side attached and him work is to pulling the dirt out of the grass. On the side of the field which the gentleman did not plow yet was still some green grass and some trees in front of the horse have dark greenish black leaves. The ploughshare and the horse is work very hard in the earlier in the morning.There is another guy below him who is work as a shepherd, he is wearing a blue shirt with a brown sort of dress over it and he also wearing a black shoes. His work is to take care of the sheep that is beside him. Most of the sheep are white and some are grey because of there are dirt. There are some trees near there and also a river with some sailboats. This is a good place for the animal because is near water and food. The third guy is the fishermen that is near the water, he is wearing a white shirt with black bell around hem and a black hat on his head. In the painting the guys looks very tired.

Then I notice in the paint a river that take up more then half of the painting . The water is blue with light green and there is a light shade in the middle of water. The shade comes from the sun, the sun look like that is coming up because everyone is working. I also see 5 to 6 boats on the water ,some boats are small and some are big , the boats are brown and made of wood. Some of the boat have yellow flags on it. On the left of water there is also some big rocks that are grey with a little opening or entrance and next to the rocks there are a piece of land with some trees and grass on it. On the very top left near the water is a small city that looks very beautiful with the big buildings and also some small building too. There are tall skyline buildings and rocks on the back of the city. I also notice that there is a guy in the water who looks like he is naked and he is drowning with his legs kicking upside down. I also see a couple of birds flying around in the painting. Around the other side of the water is land and some mountain .There are some trees in the painting seem very tall and skinny trees, but some of the trees have little leaves on it and some trees look very healthy. I also see the sky . The sky is on the top of the painting and is very light colored with a lot of detail. The sky is on the top of the painting and is very light colored with a lot of detail. In the middle of the sky is the sun that is going up the sun is a very yellow and the clouds in the sky look very puffy .The sun is in the middle of the painting and halfway down the paint also. While looking at the position of the sun it seems to me that it’s getting early because everyone is working. This image of the fall of Icarus explain everything about the story that we read in class .

Doug K, P1 said...

The title “ Landscape with the fall of Icarus” of the painting uncovers the image the artist is trying to show. The painting shows the fall of Icarus. The background of the painting is covered with a blue sea. There are three large islands on the sea. There are also three working men besides the sea. The sea is surrounded by trees and tall mountains.
One of the three working men is a white man with black hair. He is wearing a long sleeved shirt and a short. The shirt is red and the short is white. The short could possibly be a skirt because it looks like one. On top of his outfit is a grey gown hanging down to his knees. The gown is wrinkled and folded at the bottom. He is wearing black shoes. He looks like as if he has no socks on. His left leg is stepping on the stairs facing towards a small bush. The stairs are brown and look like they are covered with soil. In the middle of the stairs is grass. The grass is green. The stairs circulate around the green grass He is holding a black stick in his left hand. In his right hand, he is holding a brown cart. The cart has one wheel upfront. The cart is connected to the horse by a chain hanging from a bar tied around the horse’s waist. The horse is brown all over its body, including the tail. The tail too long that it is hanging down to the horse’s hooves. The horse has a grey cloth laid upon its back. The horse’s right back hoof is lifted up in the air while the other left back hoof is down on the ground. Besides the horse is a small bush. The bush seems to be covered with dust. Behind the bush is a dried out grass land. The grass land looks like it hasn’t received water in years.
There is another white man looking up to the sky. He looks to be amazed by something. He is holding a brown stick in his hands. His right hand is over his left hand and the stick is in between them. He is carrying a brown back pack on his back. It is tied around his waist. The back pack seems to be holding some items in it because it looks filled up. The man is wearing a long sleeved shirt. The shirt is blue. He is also wearing a brown trouser and a pair of black shoes. The shoes look big. The man is looking after sheep. He is surrounded by the sheep. All the sheep are white except for two that are brown and grey. They all seem to be feeding. There is an animal that looks like a dog sitting down besides him. The animal is brown. The sheep and the man are surrounded by small green bushes and a large water mass.
The water mass is possibly a sea. The sea has approximately three large islands and many more small ones. One of the large islands has a building on it. The building is made out of grey stones. The building looks tall and has a small entrance in front of it without a door. There is white sand in front of the entrance and two rocks a few feet away. They differ in size. There are green trees behind the building. The trees look shorter than the building. There are six ships on the sea. Four of them appear to be small and the other two are large. The largest ship has two pieces of cloth hanging from it. The wind is blowing them leading the ship towards a large piece of land with tall mountains and short buildings. The mountains are white. There are trees besides them. The buildings are built forming a semi circle. There is a small ship between them. The ship is brown.
In the lower right corner of the painting is a man. He is sitting down on the sea shore. He looks like he is trying to get something out of the water or fishing. He is wearing a long sleeved shirt. The shirt is white. He is also wearing grey pants with a black belt around his waist. Behind him is a tree. The tree looks old. Part of its branches are white. They look like they were painted with white paint. The rest of its branches look brown and have a few leaves on them. The leaves appear to be brown as well. There is an island far ahead of him. The island is packed with trees. There appears to be a pile of sand in front of the trees. There is a long small pathway on the island leading to the water. The pathways appears to be covered with white sand.
In the upper right corner of the painting are mountains. The mountains appear to be tall and white in color. They look like snow mountains. The mountains seem to have valleys amongst them. In the upper middle of the painting are more mountains. The sky above them is yellow. The sun is shinning straight down to the water. There is an island a few feet away from the mountains. The island appears to be covered with white sand. The island seems to have a small white house on it. To the right of the house appears to be a set of trees. Part of the island is brown. There is small boat ahead of the island. The boat appears to have been there for a long time. It looks stuck. Straight ahead of it are two ships going the same direction. In front of them is a small boat close to the land ahead of it.
In the lower left corner of the painting is a fallen man in the water. One of his legs is hanging up in the air. The other leg is floating on the water. His upper body is disappeared in the water. There water bubbles around his body. There is a tortoise floating on the water close to him. It has a brown shell. The rest of its body appears to be grey. It looks like it has white eyes. It is floating away from the land.
I think the painting shows what was going on around the area Icarus fell. The painting also shows three men working and collaborating with nature and one man going against it and being shut down.

hauin said...

This is an image that simply shows the life in the past. The buildings are low and the nature is maintained. Peoples’ lives are simple, unlike nowadays. Their living styles are also simple, they work when sunrise and go home when sunset. When I first looked at the picture, I think it is a landscape of the nature, the mountain, the sea, and the trees. We can seldom see such view now as the technology has almost taken over the nature. The trees are cut in order to make paper and wooden tools. The sea and mountain are reclaimed to make further development. The buildings are becoming higher and higher. The nature in the picture is difficult to see anymore. This is my first feeling of the image.
After skimming the whole image of the picture, the farmer wearing a red cloth catches my sight. He is the biggest and sharpest person in the picture. The color of the picture is a bit dark and pale; his cloth is the brightest thing in the picture. The man is a farmer holding a horse to help him to plough up the soil. He gets his food by himself, farming the land. There are many sheep below. A shepherd holding a stick with his sheep is looking at the sky. He is also working for his living. There should be something in the sky as he is looking at the sky rather than his sheep. I think that he may see Daedalus flying in the sky and looking for his son. There is still one person at the bottom right hand corner facing the sea. He should be the fisherman mentioned in the myth although he does not look like fishing. He seems to catch something far away from him in the sea.
The next scene that catches my eyes is Icarus falling into the sea. The sea is clam except around Icarus. Many sprays are around him. He may be the thing that the fisherman wants to reach, as he is right in front of him. He is fishing and a kid falls in front of him suddenly. This should also be the reason why the picture is called “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”. This is the fall of Icarus. He falls from the sky as he didn’t listen to the advice from his father. His father told him not to fly too high near the sun and not to fly too low near the sea. However, he just reminded his son but never look at his son which makes his son die. On the other hand, the accident can be also done by God. Daedalus changes the nature and make human fly in the sky. He also killed his nephew because of the envy of his talents before. The God may punish him for doing such things by taking away his son from him. People can utilize the natural resources but should not change the nature of the world. Actually, we are also changing the nature using the technology. People can fly in the sky and travel around the world. It is convenience, but it also brings us many negative impacts. The accidents with the plane are much serious than those car accidents. More people are killed or injured in the accident in plane. The terrorists also make use of the plane and to attack. Those may be the revenge from the nature or the punishment from God. Looking back to the fisherman and Icarus, the fisherman is trying the reach and save Icarus but he can’t. Icarus is too far for him. This may also indicates that people cannot fight with the nature. On the other hand, the fisherman wants to save him maybe he thinks that he is the God. No one is able to fly in the sky at that time, but Daedalus and Icarus can. The fisherman may think that the God is right in front of him, or proud of them. However, he cannot save him anyways.
There is a large ship with sails in front of Icarus. This also indicates the time period is long ago from now. Also, it is another thing showing that human cannot go against the nature as Icarus is just next to the ship and there should be sailors on the ship, but no one realized that.
On the top of the picture, there is a sun. It may be sunrise or sunset. I consider it as sunset as people is already out for work. The sun is another thing with sharp color in the picture. The sun makes the world bright. However, sunset has an image of the end. This may indicates the end of Icarus and also the end of the exile of Daedalus and Icarus. Sunset also has a sad mood, so it should symbolize the end of Icarus. There is an island near the sun, it maybe where Daedalus and Icarus come from. They were exiled in an island called Crete because Daedalus refused the hire from the King. They were blocked by the sea and land, and the sky is the only way for them to escape. Therefore Daedalus invented the “wings” and flew in the sky to get rid of the exile. Finally, they can escape but Icarus also died in the journey.
The picture is called “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” which is easy to understand. It should talk about Icarus fell into the sea and the environment around him. This is only the basic thing. The picture also shows the conflict between human and nature. Daedalus invented the wings and made him and his son fly in the sky which changed the nature. This act is not accepted, and therefore causes the fall of Icarus. It is also a punishment for him to kill his nephew. Icarus is died and Daedalus is sad, however the nature has not changed at all. This shows that human cannot go against the nature. Human will be the final loser of doing that.

jalisaf1 said...

In the portrait Landscape with the fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel, the first thing I see or notice in this portrait is the water. The water takes up more then half the painting. The first thing I noticed was the big ships in the ocean, there are two of them. One of the ships is in the dark colors of the portrait which is black and dark green and dark blue the ship has big white sales on them one in the front one in the back it looks like there are little people on it, it looks like it is saling towards the open ocean and one of the ships is in the light side of the portrait. There also are four boats in the ocean sailing around they look little; it looks like there heading towards the city. I also noticed that there were high mountains in the far right corner of the portrait and in the far left corner of the portrait; they are in dark colors like black, gray, grayish green, tanish white, light blue, dark orange and green. It looks like there are far mountains towards the sun set it has some colors such has blue, black, green, yellow, and pink. I noticed there was a sunset falling behind the ocean line. It’s surrounded with different colors such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, it looks like its reflecting of the ocean near the ships and the mountains. It looks like there are four different islands in the portrait. One of the islands could have been the island where Icarus fly’s off of where he had drowned. one in the left near the mountains where it looks like the city, one in the right near the other mountains it doesn’t look like there are people on it, one when you look directly at the portrait where there is a guy plowing the land, and one directly in the middle of the ocean which looks like it has a small looking cave on it. You can see the city on one of the islands, there’s buildings around it with little mountains in the back of it. There’s some big rocks in the ocean near a big black rocky island…the big rocky figure looks like a rocky house that some one might live in its near the land but in the water, it looks like its fall out because there are trees with little leaves on them and there are bushes on the land, they look like dark colors, blackish green. There’s a man plowing on the land with a horse pulling the plow making marks on the dirt the dirt is dark brown and has light green grass on it, its making thick marks, the horse is brown with a plow on it and a back holder on its back, the man is wearing a dress type which is green and its wavy like towards the bottom of his feet, he has a red shirt under the dress he has brown tights on with black shoes on his feet he’s a white man, with black hair he has a black stick in his left hand I think its for the horse to keep moving along the grass. There’s a little plant planted right next to his feet, the tree is directly in front of the horses face…it has more trees in back of it. I noticed there was a big black bird flying around the mountains on the left side of the portrait I think its Icarus’ father looking for him. Also I noticed the colors of the ocean there’s some dark colors and some light colors…the light colors are bluish green, blue, light green, yellowish green, yellowish blue, it looks like the calm side of the ocean and I noticed the dark side of the ocean near the land it has black, brown, dark blue, dark green and I think that’s the intense side of the ocean wear death is. I noticed the light side of the ocean which probably means there’s life around that area. It’s significant because we talked about it in class. The objects in the background of the portrait are blurry and unclear but I can manage and see it. I also noticed that there was a man with a small amount of sheep with him surrounding the land he is herding them to the land and he also has a dog on the left side of him, and the dog is brown with a white face he looks like he is sticking his tong out, it looks like there are at least 21 sheep that I can see on the land theirs probably more, most of the sheep are white and some of them are brownish black he looks like there on a little dirt area of the land. The shepherd has brown hair and is wearing a blue shirt and has a brown vest over I, also he is wearing bluish gray tights and grayish pants he is wearing black shoes…he is holding a big stick in his right hand also I noticed back to the city there are some colors blending into it such as pink, blue, orange, white, green and brown. I noticed there is a man fishing for fish in the far right corner of the portrait he looks like he is bending into the water to catch the fish with his right bar hand portrait he has a white shirt on with a black string holding it together. Also it looks like he has a black hat on his head. He is sitting on the land. It looks like the land has a color of green for the land or sand…its in the dark side of the ocean which is black with a lot of waves I think it’s a significant sign to show the lookers of the portrait theirs death along the way. The last thing I noticed was there is legs out side of the ocean in the dark side of the ocean, which is dark black and dark green the legs are near one of the big ships in the corner there flapping everywhere in the water. I think its Icarus drowning from the fall of the melting wax and he is dying it looked like nobody noticed he is there drowning. and also his father is flying over the city looking for him but doesnt notice he is so far away.

Judith D. 1 said...

This painting by Bruegel, Pieter is a very detailed depiction of people working and nature looking beautiful with an unexpected twirl. One of the main things that caught my attention is the incredibly rich and well detailed sky. It has many different colors and gives the oppression that it is sunset. It is a very beautiful sunset kind of like the one you can see at the beach. The sun is very little in the middle of sky but it has a big yellow shadow which spreads through out the sky and make it seems as if the sun is really big and shining like it is day time. There are clouds on both sides of the big shining shadow of the sun. The clouds are baby blue with dark blue almost like black towards the end of the painting. The dark side of the clouds gives me a clue that dark is not far from coming.
The sea is painted a greenish and bluish color which gives me a calm feeling for the most part. There is no water weaves and that is what gives me the calm feeling. It looks as if there are six black boats and two black and tan ships. There are black rocks in the sea with a little land or island by the rocks. The little land has a black tall rock building in it with green trees behind it; with a little door in it. So, this tells me that people can go inside of the black building. The little island is isolated with nothing else on its surface but the trees behind it. There is also another island or land with nothing on its surface. It looks like just plain tan color land surrounded by the sea. In the far right of the painting, there are nine great white and a shade of dark baby blue mountains. A little further down, there is a piece of land with trees on it that seems as if it is a piece of the bigger island; or it can be a whole island of its own.
On the left of the island is a ship. I noticed that around this piece of land, the water in the sea starts to get tension and has many waves; where as before, the sea was quite and seems at peace. The ship is brown with tan sheets to help it sail off into the sea. Behind this ship, the sea has a lot of pressure and sea waves. There is this object that looks a real human leg. It looks like a white person’s leg. There is no blood on the leg, so that tells me that the person did not hurt themselves before or while in the water. They might have just fallen. Around the leg, the water has a large number of waves and it looks as if there are black tree branches falling in the sea. This little description informs me that the person, who fell in the water, fell with force and was probably trying to use the tree branches as support; but the tree branch was too weak and the person fell in the water against their better judgment. It looks as if the person had no help or support by the people who surrounded him.
From the painting, when the person fell, he or she had no warning and he or she fell and from the painting it looks like the person can not swim because he is drawing in the painting. The leg of this person is sticking out of the now in the exceedingly black and greenish sea as he is drowning with no help. There is an other piece of his leg showing. You can see some of the thigh on one leg and the other leg is bent and you can see just the knee and some of the leg. Next to the now drowning person is a guy with a white long sleeves dress with a black string wrapped around his waist. He has a hat on and he is reaching into the disturbed sea. I would say that the guy is reaching out a hand to help the drowning yet unidentified person; but he is too close to the coast and the drowning person is too far in to the water. So, I think this vague character is a fisher man. Next to the fisherman, are the falling brown and black branches and green and black bushes on another island. Next to the green and black brushes are white sheep’s and around the sheep’s is a guy wearing black shoes with a black pants and a long socks rolled up to his knees and over his pants and a bluish greenish long sleeve shirt and his dark brown fury dog is sitting next to him while he is holding a long black stick in his hands. From the painting, the guy looks like a Sheppard and he is with his sheep’s. The ground that surrounds the Sheppard and his dog and sheep’s is a tan color; which I think symbolizes there is no life there because there is no grass growing there. To the left of the Sheppard is a young guy. He has black hair and he is wearing a red shirt with a greenish dress with some white spots on it that opens up because I can see a tan color piece of clothing on his left kneed and long brown tights. This young boy is surrounded by brown and black fallen branches and a very tall brown tree which has very little green branches. The young boy is ploughing the grass with a horse with some type of wooden ploughing device and he has a whip in his left hand, to whip the little brown horse to make him work faster. Next to the tall tree with awfully little green leaves is a very tall beige and light orange mountain. Next to the very tall beige and light orange mountain is a city. I see green land separating the tall beige and light orange color mountain with the city. I can not see the things in the city, but I can tell by the little yellow building by the coast that people live there and have business. Next to the beige and light orange mountain is a black little thing in the sky. I think it is a little black bird flying.
I think a very important part of the painting is the drowning person in the water. No one is helping him; it looks like everyone is minding their business and letting him die. In the far end of the city, are big tall white and grey mountains. Through out the painting, there are mountains, so I think that the mountains mean something. I also think that the three people surrounding the person dieing who is drawing is doing their jobs to nature. They all are doing their jobs and seems unconcerned of the drowning person.
I think that the title of the painting has a great deal to do with the painting. The title is the Landscape with the Fall of Icarus c. 1558 Oil on Canvas. In the painting, I see a person is drowning in the sea and no one is helping him. So, the Fall of Icarus is the person falling into the sea and because of the title, I think the person is a guy and his name is Icarus. I think that the part that says Landscape is just showing the surrounds of Icarus and where he once lived. The title does not give a great deal of information on the painting, so I do not know why he fell. Most importantly, why is there only one black bird in sky; shouldn’t it be more than just one. What happened to all the birds? Also, this painting looks like it is painted in the past because the people in the drawing seems to be doing everything in the simplest way and they seem to have no technology. I also know the painting was painted in the past because the title says 1558.
Some of the interrelationships that I see in the painting are how the sky changes colors and how I think that the world is going to crash and go dark one day. I noticed that most of the sea is calmed and around the city is also calmed with a lot of mountains; but towards the end of the painting, where Icarus drowned gets really dark and scary. I notice that the cities are next to very tall and strong mountains. So, I think that the mountain is a source of protection for the town people from invaders. I also think that the title is also an interrelation with the painting because it shows the fall of Icarus, who I think is the drowning guy. I see the tension in the water and how that is caused by the strong and forceful fall of Icarus. I think that the sky is an interrelationship with the rest with of the panting because the dark side of the sky gives a hint of the drowning guy and the tension of the water. I think that the image is related to the guy because it showed what everyone else was doing at the time and caused of his death. The image is expressing the death of Icarus and the cause of his death and it shows this by showing his settings in a very glowing detailed painting. It shows the well in depth painting of the people and what they are doing. I also think that another interrelationship is the people and the setting. I noticed that every person in the painting is wearing long sleeves and two out of the three are wearing long stockings; so this shows that the climaxed is cold. I can also tell that it is cold because it is sun set and they are by the sea; and it is usually cold by big body of water such as this. I also think the dark colors in the painting such as the browns, the dark browns, the blacks, the tans, and the shade of dark baby blue also tells me that this is a extraordinarily sad painting that symbolizes something. Not all of the painting has dark colors, but a majority has it and I think that is just saying some parts of the painting is happy and safe and other parts are not.
Over all, I think this whole painting is telling a story. I can not tell much of the story but I have some clues of what happens; and I think if it is a story, that the climax is Icarus falling into the water and finding out why and how he fell into the water. I think the story is sad because he is drowning and no one comes to save him. Everyone goes on about their business as if it did not matter. I think it is an extremely superior high-quality painting with a heartbreaking story following it.

HaopingW,p1 said...
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CASEYG1 said...

In this painting Landscape with the fall of Icarus c.1558 Oil on canvas, by Bruegel, Pieter, the visual overview, makes me realize all of the diverse colors that were used. All of the colors seem to be neutral all besides the shirt worn by the man plowing, since his shirt is in a natural hue of red. These colors can be showing the tone of the images. The bright, yellow, dramatic sun has rays of light exaggerated along the skyline. It must be either early in the morning or in the evening since the sun is not all the way up in the sky or gone away.
The most visually appealing image that pops out first would be the man with the oxen, since his shirt is the brightest color in the painting. He is also in the foreground of the painting which shows there is more definition and that the artist is able to put more detail into his clothing and appearance. The clothes that he is wearing shows that he is a man that makes money, or since they are not rags, and not dirty. The man is in a higher level with the oxen, and the area around him seems to be plowed already since the artist gives it an indented shade compared to the grass. After the grass, there are vines and trees that have no leaves on it, and this then leads down to the next level where there is another man who is looking up into the sky with a backpack and a stick in his hand. He seems to be herding the sheep, by which there are nineteen of them. The man stands tall, wearing almost hiking-like clothing with his legs crossed as if he were watching whatever was in the sky for a while now. There are more trees in the lower level that actually have freshly green leaves all around, which could be because the water is right below these trees. Towards the right of the sheep, there’s another man that is crouched over, with his hand in the water. He’s wearing a black hat, and a white shirt, with a strap going around his shirt and tying in the back. As he is crouched on the rock, it’s almost as though he could be trying to reach the person that is upside down in the water with their feet up in the air. The water seems to be a dark greenish brown color. This could show that the water was dirty, but it’s only in the area that the body is near. Once the water starts to get lighter there is a large ship, that seems to look pirate-like, and the sails are up and blowing in the wind, going outward away from the people. There are random rocks in the water, which leads to a cave looks as though it’s haunted since the entrance of the cave is completely black. In the back of the cave, there is a bundle of trees and life in the back, which is completely opposite from the front, it looks like a private island that has become a castle that looks like a cave now. After the castle, the next plain land is a civilization which starts out with all dark green trees, but then there’s a rush of bright yellow, white and orange color, that shows the housing and buildings of the residents in the surrounding area. There is a docking place for the ships in the canal in the middle of the city, by which there are eight ships in the sea . In this area of the painting, the sky above the city is dark blue, and contains many clouds, but then the sun brightens the rest of the sky, and goes throughout the sea. In the middle of the painting, there is another civilization that looks as though it’s made up of sand, but also shows about five houses along the edge of the water and the land. Around the land there are more random spikes of rocks, but these ones look as though they are icy. It leads up to a gigantic mountain that is all white with areas of blue. It looks like a cold area compared to any of the other places mentioned.
Visually the artist is trying to present a story going from what is the closest to the farthest away. The colors being used give the painting a realistic theme. The positions that he gives the characters in the painting also go along with what the painter is trying to relate to the viewer, telling a story that relates to the title. This shows the fall of Icarus, and the people around looking up toward the sky as if God were coming down, since they were changing the laws of nature, which proves that man wasn’t made to fly. Since the townspeople believe that Icarus was a God, and is now dead, they are left in confusion because now who are they to look to for help, and provide strength for. There are so many objects in the painting that go into more detail but can only relate to the writing about it.
In the painting, as I mentioned in the beginning, about the first man that pops out, I’m wondering why his head is down, where as the other man below him is gazing up above. Could this go to show that he doesn’t believe in what is above? He is also wearing the color red, which could mean so many different things, such as blood, passion, love, evilness, etc. The other men show reasoning where the crouched guy on the rock looks as though he is trying to save the droning victim, showing that he cares about the outcome of the other people’s life. The rest of society beyond where the three guys are, don’t seem to be affected by what is happening over there.
All in all the painting gets the point threw that color can lead our eyes to a cycle of order, and can tell a story without presenting any words.

KenneyD1 said...

The painting is a detailed picture looking out at a bay horizon. With a noticeable close by man in the front and and distant cities and boats. Seems to be spring time.

Starting from the top right corner we have lots of aqua greenish blue sky blending into the mountains. You can see the triangular mountains outline but the inner colors blend in very nicely. The mountain consist of 3 visible tops. The left is pointy, center is the highest and the last top is very flat and smooth a little lower then the left top. As you move towards the left of the corner the bright yellow and white colors of the sun begin to blend into the bluish. Towards the south of the mountains which are distant and along the horizon, you can see the shore line of the mountains. The shore line has a white shoreline and there are 2 white waves in between the dark bluish water. Right of the shoreline there appears to be a small island, or heavy reflection of the son on the water above. There seems to be a few bushes on the right side of the island and it also is right under the sunshine, divided by the horizon of the dark water. As you move to the horizon, towards the left there is a very Yellow, dark yellow spot which seems to be a mini sun. and a reflection of it on the horizon. Moving more to the west of the horizon you see a very distant triangular mountain or object, the colors are very similar to the yellow and aqua around the sun. back to the east edge of the painting, continuing down from the shoreline there is another island closer to the main land. There is a good amount of dark greenish bushes and vegetation. There is a sand shore line beige color with a rock towards the left edge of the island. The right side of the island is covered by the edge of the painting. Moving south the water begins to darken significantly into a very dark aqua mix with no white waves. Half way down there’s a 1800 medieval ship. Dark wood with 2 sails open. The front and back, with center sails rolled up. There appears to be a whitish flag with red circular symbol on the top of the ship. The back of the ship is facing the right edge of the painting. Back to the right edge it darkens to a aqua black downwards until it reaches a close by shoreline. The shoreline dramatically changes the color from dark to a shallow whitish aqua. Greens and blues. There’s a man standing on the shore line, hiding his front facing the sea. The mans right arm is reaching towards the ocean. Half of the arm appears to be disappearing. The man appears to be wearing a dark gray/black helmet with a red neck guard down to his beige robe. The mans left arm is tugged to the front of his body. The man has a black noticeable belt. To the left of the man we come to some trees with very few leaves. The trees arms are very blackened and not noticeable and blend around with the rising hill. The grass is also very dark blackish green, as you continue to the left you will see the colors dramatically change from dark to a reflection bright greens and yellows. We run into man plowing the ground. the man appears to be wearing a dark helmet and a beige top. A skirt with 7 visible folds. The face of the man is hidden and he has a neck guard like the other man but his hair is visible unlike the other one. Brown stockings and black shoes. This all happens towards the bottom center of the painting moving up. We see a explore hugging a Shepard stick wearing blueish shirt, greenish dark pants and boots with a dog aside him, dark and furry. Both faces of the dog and the man can be seen reflected. Lots of sheep surrounding him. heading over the cliff we go back to the ocean with the aqua and blueish sea. Upward we have another 2 midieval ships similar to the first one. And towards the top we end up at the horizon and the triangular figure. So far that’s the right half of the painting. Back to the top towards the triangular figure, we have a very populated island to the left under the horizon. There appears to be a lot of desert like buildings, beige and redish colors, very bright with a few visable dark windows. Towards the right of the population we run into beige mountains, very visable, all and volumous. At the left edge of the painting we run into another dark tree with a lot more leaves the the previous tree. There are more trees and vegetation all dark with more and more leaves towards the bottom. Half way down the page we see the plowed land, beige and dark sandy colors. There is a horse guiding the mans plow we described earlier. The horse is a very dark brown with his face away from the viewer. There appears to be a greenish aqua thin saddle on it. Towards the bottom right edge we see a very dark bush enrolled on a high dark grass hill.

TinaL per 1 said...

I am looking at the picture “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by Bruegel, Pieter. The first thing I see when I look at the picture is the blue sea. Faraway, at the end of the sea e sea has the small, yellow sun that is shining. It wants to full up from under sea. The sky around the sun is bright and it also reflects through the water mirror. The color of the ocean mixes with the light of the sun to create the blue and green color. At the corner top right of the picture has some of the pointy mountains with the cloudy sky on top of its. All the way to the upper corner left, there still mountains. But I seem bigger and higher mountain. There are three islands located on the sea’s surface. One is at the middle top of the sea, the two other island are face opposite at the middle of the picture. The little down to the right near the sun is an island, which is filled with sand. It is a plain island with a few houses with some tree. And it has a big entrance that has white color.

As looking at the middle of the picture, on the sea there are five ships randomly sailing on the surface of the ocean. There are some really small ships from far away the sea. The biggest ship is at the bottom right of the painting. Those ships made of wood and the canvases of the ships are stretch by the flowing wind. By looking at the canvas, we could see the wind direction is flowing to the left. Every ship has two tall masts. And some people are climbing up to the top of the mast to view the area around them. At the middle right side of the painting has the small triangle, rocky island which pointing to the left and has some tree on it.

On the other left side of the sea, as I look from the top to the bottom. First I see the big town on the top left corner bellow the mountains. The town is crowded with many houses and it also look like a port for people to trade goods. The high and big mountains followed after the town. Bellow the town is the small area of rock that had a lot of moss stick on it for a long time. The uneven rock makes a rough surface of that area. Up on the air, the little black bird is flying and leaning. Next to the moss rock area it is huge big and tall stone created by the nature, which look like it was cut vertically to make a flat surface on the side, and it roughs on the top surface. The high of each of the stones are difference. There are some really tall and also some are really short. The tall stone is so high that it is almost hit the sky. Down bellow the high stone is the forest that filled with many trees. It makes up a little green area on the painting. At this point, the sea is curling its body to make the bound between water and land. Out to the sea, across the tall stonewall is the rock house that had dark blue color. It has no door, but the entrance is a hole that curls on the top and straight at the two sides. On the top of that house is a curl roof with difference high. After the rock house is a little area fills with trees and a little shore around the rock house.

At the bottom of the picture is the land. On ground the sheep tender with blue shirt on, who is holding and leaning toward the long wood stick pointing to the ground. He is looking up to the sky with a surprise face. Look like he is wonder about something happened on the sky. A big brown bag packs on his shoulder. Standing next to him is a black dog. Around that area had many sheep that distribute randomly on the ground. Below the image of the sheep tender is the cultivator who is wearing a red sleeve shirt and old blue dress that long to her knee. This person also a big object that takes almost one fourth of the painting, Her hair ties up neatly. The dress seem was cut off at the middle for the purpose of convenient for working. There is a white cloth in front of her thigh. She is working with a horse to plough the field. They are headed to the left direction, the horse is puling the equipment that the lady is holding on. In her hand is the end of the wood equipment, which had roller of one end, and a piece of wood stayed diagonal on the other end, the equipment connected to the horse’s back. The horse is helping her to plough the field. At the left corner end of the picture is a little high place, but it has a small object like a little tank which pointing out to the sea. After the cultivator is a tree that has less leaves. On the branch of the tree is the bird has black feather. It is also looking out to the sea, on the wings. And it is looking to the right where the fisherman is working alone. The fisherman is sitting down at the bottom right corner of the painting. He is wearing a black hat and white shirt with a black belt. He sits down on the ground, His left hand propped on his left leg. His right hand is reaching out to the sea. In front of fisherman, I see the picture the leg of a person who is drowning. The two legs is pointing to the sky. That person head and body had buried under the water. Above the drowning person is a image of the a big ship which has many rooms. The two big canvases of the ship is stretching out like a big wing tied on the tall masts. On top of the masts is the white flag with a picture on it.

luisb1 said...

In this painting “Landscape of the Fall of Icarus” there are people working doing farming and fishing. There is a large part of the sea present, also there are many mountains and the sun is setting at this time.

The very first thing I see is a man using a plow. He caught my attention with a bright red shirt he’s wearing. The shirts is like an old medival shirt, with baggy sleeves. He’s also has a green dress skirt type clothing. This dress goes down to about his calves, so it might be a little chilly. He is also wearing long brown socks covering his entire legs. His skirt is also wrinkly. I also see a white cloth over the front of his legs. Probably used as a napkin type clothe to clean his hands. The man is wearing black shoes. They are round in the front. He has one foot flat on the ground and the other has his heel off the ground. He is also looking down in the ground as he ploghs through the soil. He is working with the plow. The plow is brown and it looks like its made out of wood. The plough looks to be handmade. I also notice a small wooden wheel on the plough. The plough is being dragged by a horse. The horse a large horse. Its brown with blonde hair. The horse is facing away from the picture. It looks too be going into the dark space of the fields. The horse has a saddle of some sort on his back that keeps the plough connected to him. Down the hill the next thing to catch my eyes are some sheep. The sheep are whit and theres about fourteen white sheep and like three black sheep. These sheep are being led by a Sheppard. The Sheppard is leaning on is staff staring at the sky. He has a blue baggy long sleeved shirt. He also has a backpack on. The backpack is quite large. He is wearing black shoes and brown baggy pants with wrinkles in them. There are some dark green bushes behind these sheep. Off to the right there I find icarus. He has his head down in the water with is legs splashing. He is struggling to stay a float. His legs are of a pale color . in front of him is a man that seems to be fishing for fish. He has a bright red hat on. He has a white baggy long sleeved shirt on with a dark string wrapped around his back. He is kneeled down on the beach leaned over the sea. The sea is a lot darker were I found icarus rather than were the sun is setting. There is also a large pirate ship right in front of icarus. No one seems to be paying attention to were icarus is. I notice a lot of ripple in the sea were icarus is rather than were the sun is setting. The sun is of beautiful colors. Its bright yellow and I gives the clouds a nice red and orange pigment. Off to the sides there are very large mountains. The look to be covered by snow and have a light blue color to them. I can see in the distance what looks to be large city. The city is colorful. It has red, white. and other colors. The city is at shore with the sea. It also seems to be quite peaceful. The boat has to large sails on it. one seems to be catching more air than the other one. It has a large gap in the middle and I think I see a man standing there. Some parts of the ship are painted red. Off to the left of the sea there are rocks and in the largest rock I can see a hole in it. It looks to be large enough to fit a small boat through it. There are also about four other rocks surrounding that one very large rock. The rocks have a dark gray color to them. One side of throcks in darker than the other due to the sunlight. The left side of the painting is a lot darker than the middle of the painting. In the middle of the sea I can see an island. It looks to be stranded from the main city. There are a few buildings in the island. Off to the right of the island there are more mountains. These mountains are dark blue and don’t seem to get much sunlight. The cloud looks to have a lot of clouds. The sunlight it covered by a lot of clouds surrounding the painting. In the painting the largest figure is a man plowing the ground. He looks to be harvesting. In the picture the season looks to be either summer or spring. Close to the rocks there are some larger fllater rocks. But these rocks look to be getting a lot more sun than the smaller darker rocks.

CharlieC1 said...

This painting “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus,” by Brueghel looks like a big body of water surrounded by land. One side looks life a city civilization and they other looks like normal town people doing their jobs.
Off in the distance to the upper left below the sky there is a village of stone houses with read roofs. In that village there is a gulf of water with a fishing boat looking like its leaving port. Behind this village is mountains. I see the sun off in the distance, its more toward the right just above the water. It gives the sky, just above the sun, a yellowish glow as the rest of the sky both to the left and the right of this yellowish glow are a bluish greenish gray color. On the horizon just were the sun is you can see mountains almost as if this body of water is surrounded by land. In the foreground there is a man in a baggy red shirt with a man skirt on. Underneath this man skirt he is wearing brown tights with brown worn out shoes. He has a wipe in his left hand and in his right hand he is holding on to his plow. The plow is cutting through the ground making the soil look as if it is steps that are leading up. The plow is connected to a donkey which is walking forward. The donkey’s front legs are being covered by a dead looking bush. He is plowing a small piece of land and looks like the plow markings go into a circle. To the right of the donkey there is a small patch of trees and a bush or two. To the right of the trees is a man with a bunch of sheep. The man is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with a blue round backpack. He has green pants with long green socks. His shoes are brown and he has his legs crossed. He has a long walking stick that he is leaning on to hold himself up. To his left sitting on the ground there is a dog with a white head. The sheep are all around him, some in the bushes, some grazing the flat land and others walking near water. There are also to black sheep far from each other. There are five sheep gathered at the edge of the water to the right hand side. Next to the sheep in the water there is a pair of legs above the water. Surrounding the legs is rippling white water. Underneath the pair of legs there is a man in the crouching position. He is squatting over a patch of grass and is extending his right arm over the water. He is wearing a black hat and has red hair. His shirt is a long sleeve shirt and is white. He has a black tie tied around his waist and his pants are brown. Above the legs in the water is a big sale boat. It has five sales altogether but only two of them are extended. There are two tall poles sticking up in the front and one in the middle, each of these poles has a small plate form. The ship itself is brown but I see some red on the deck. There are a lot of ropes extending from the deck to the poles. The sales of the boat are round indicating that there is wind blowing. To the right of this boat is a small patch of land that is rocky and has some grass on it. And above this to the top right hand corner of the painting is mountains, they are grey. To the left of the mountains there is an island in the middle of the water, the color of which is yellow. To the left of the island there is another cargo boat with three sales extended and two poles extended into the air. The boat is brown. Underneath is a smaller fishing boat with one white sale but the boat is blurry. In the center of this picture is all water. This water has a yellowish greenish color while the water surrounding this area is more of an aqua blue. To the bottom right hand of the picture the water is a much darker color. Its almost a blackish color. The water to the right is pure aqua. Where this water is there is a small island with a stone cave on it. The cave is grey with a small black whole in the bottom east part of the island. In font of the hole is a small patch of sand. Behind the stone cave is a bunch of trees. To the left of the trees past the short passage of water is a tall stone rock extending into the air. The stone is a tanish color that is brighter than mostly everything. A little bit down and to the left of these rocks is a small opening of sand that you can see beyond the trees that cover it. Right in front of the stone is a bird that is flying toward the civilization to the top. There is another bird is flying near the donkey. To the top left hand corner of the picture is the sky. It’s a very dark and dull color. Its mostly bluish grey with the appearance of some clouds. Just below the clouds you can just see a mountain outline. In between the tanned color stone and the civilization is a big patch of green land with some sand meeting the waters surface. This area too seems to have rocky edges. Just a little to the right of this area is what looks like one small boat with one white sale and the boat itself is brown. The boat looks like it is being knocked over onto its side. There is another sale boat like this one just a little below and to the left of the sun all that is seen from this is the white of the sales.

Johanna R1 said...

In the painting “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by Pieter Bruegel describes a main point in the myth of Icarus by Ovid. It describes that while Icarus was drowning no one cared because they were busy getting their things done. You can see Icarus on the side of the painting drowning and no one looking at him as if everything was going good outside and nothing is happening. The painting shows three men doing their own jobs. One is like walking his horse on the grass like mowing it another person is a Shepard he is herding his cattle’s or sheep’s and the last person is like fishing in the ocean. They are all too busy to notice that a man named Icarus is dieing right in front of them. Also the painting is colored with dull color, like boring colors. The only color that stands out is the red shirt and the yellow like sun and the rest is almost like rusty colors. When I see this painting my eyes go straight to the man wearing a red shirt cutting the lawn or whatever he is doing to the lawn. My eyes go straight to him because one the color red stands out a lot because its one of the brightest colors in the painting and second because he is like standing in the middle of the painting and third of all he is one of the biggest figures in the painting. This why he is the first person I see when I look at the painting. The second thing that gets my eyes attention is the Shepard because there is a lot of sheep’s surrounding him in like a circle type figure. The Shepard is the middle of the sheep’s looking up while he has white sheep’s towards his left and right side. It is interesting how he is looking up at something and doesn’t notice that Icarus is drowning behind him. What the Shepard might be looking at must be either really beautiful or rally strange for it to be bale to take control of the Shepard. But then again he might just ignoring Icarus if he doesn’t know that he is drowning behind him. It all depends on how a person sees the painting and what they get out of it. The third thing that catches my attention is the boat towards the right because it’s the biggest ship out of like 5 in the painting. Also the ship is close to where Icarus is drowning but its like they saw it but ignored it or maybe everyone in the ship was to busy to notice that a man was drowning next to there boat. But it’s the biggest boat in the painting, so its hard not to notice it. Also the fourth thing that brings my attention to the painting is a man fishing towards the same direction that Icarus is drowning. But the man is facing the ocean and all he concreting on is catching a fish. The man has red hair with like a black hat and is wearing white clothing like a robe. The fisherman is the closet person to Icarus while he is dieing and acts like nothing is happening. All these man are just minding their business and getting their job like Icarus was fine. Icarus must have been a bad man in his neighborhood because no one cared that he was drowning. It seems like they wanted it to happen like it wasn’t bothering them that Icarus was drowning. To me it seems as if they all knew he was drowning but didn’t want to realize it because they didn’t want to help Icarus out. Icarus must have done something so bad for the people not to want to help him out. Icarus was probably the person that people can’t stand in the neighborhood like a snitch that can never mind their own business. They always want to now what’s going on in everyone lives. The painting’s title “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” tells a lot because you can tell that Icarus went through a major down fall because the type of person he was. The painting showed that people had better things to do then to help safe Icarus from drowning. Icarus’s major fall was him dieing because no one cared that he was drowning it was like if they didn’t care if he was around or if he wasn’t around. Icarus death didn’t shock anyone it was just like whatever so what’s new? No one was going through sad and upset moments. People just didn’t care that he had died it was like a normal day for the people that I lived in the city. Icarus wasn’t a very good well known or famous person to them because they didn’t care the fact that Icarus was dead. The fact that Icarus wasn’t coming back didn’t make a difference to the people in the city. My main opinion about the painting is that no one cared two things about Icarus death. It was like a flower has just died and it will grow again in the same spot. But I don’t think anyone understood that Icarus had just died because no one showed emotional breakdown. It was like noting was wrong with Icarus, he just went on a trip. People must have not really got a long with Icarus to act like everything was fine. They just didn’t care that Icarus had just passed away.

Ever P.1 said...

In the Brueghel the sky is yellow with dark sides there is a sunset, the ocean is bluish green with a dark part of it. There are two main people in the painting there are about 16 sheep’s around one of the main men. There are five ships with color of brown. The trees are dark and the trees look like they are loosing most of their leaves. One of the men is working with a horse. There is town with many houses and buildings. There are mountains that are the color beige, the sheep’s are white and they are eaten the leaves. There is a fisherman fishing near the dark part of the ocean. The painting looks like it is the season of fall because the look in the painting is dark and bright at the same time so it must be chilly at this time. The main person in the picture is wearing a dark gray dress with a red long sleeve shirt under it. The farmer that is with the sheep’s is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with brown pants, he is also holding a stick and his dog helper is right beside him to help him with his sheep’s. There is a person that is drowning in the ocean witch he fell into the water when he was flying. The person in the water is Icarus. It is very peaceful because there are no big movements going on. The ocean is very calm you do not see any waves. Their is a sunset happening the sun is yellow. The horse that the man with the light red shirt is with is brown and the horse is attached to a wooden carrier where it will be taken to the town and the farmer is holding a brown stick in his left hand where he can use the brown stick to whip the big brown horse which is very calm and peaceful. The mountains are high. The fisherman is wearing a white shirt with a black and red hat. The fisherman is fishing by the dark part of the ocean, where he is close to the young man that is drowning in the ocean. The two ships that are in the ocean are taken shipments to the town. One of the boats is close to the town. The leaves that are around the farmer are green and they are being eaten by the sheep. Their is a direct of passion and sorrow feeling in the painting, the darkness part of the painting make it feel like pain, hate, sorrow, and in total different. The farmer is looking up in the sky where Daedalus and Icarus were flying. There are mountains way back in the painting and they are white. The town is very far away from the farm that the two men are working in. The color of the steps is brown but there is grass and the color of the grass is green. The painting shows many type of living things. In the dark part of the water there are a lot of waves going on, that is the part that Icarus death occurred. The suns glow is the biggest thing that is attracted in the painting. The dogs that are helping the Sheppard are brown. There is a black rock building that is in a separate island in the ocean has a door which symbolizes that people go in it there is a tree in the back of it. There are brown and white tree branches appear to be falling into the ocean and I think that this symbolizes Icarus was trying to hold on to the brown and white braches so he wouldn’t fall into the sea and drown. There is another island in the painting it is far from the farmers and the color of the island is a tanish color with a red spot. The boat that is in the sea is made of wood is brown and a white sail that is attached to the poles on the boat. There is a black bird that is flying by a very tall light orange and beige mountain which is in the far left side of the painting the bird is flying around the city circling like its looking for something….I think it’s the father of Icarus which is the name of Daedalus which by the way did not pay attention to his dearest son who’s name is Icarus. There is a city that is near the light orange and beige mountain. There is a green platform that is separating the city and the light orange and beige mountain. The painting has far, far away mountains that are snowy white and light silver blend on the mountains. The land that is in the Sheppard’s place is light brown and has green and black plants around it. The city in the far left has a goldish color with white and blue. There are shadows is the step where the man working with the horse is. The lack of acknowledgement that the farmer and the Sheppard have for the death of Icarus symbolized mans disregarded for death and how it is so frequent people don’t really care. The ocean symbolizes new life and death because there is a dark side and a good side which the dark side is black and that symbolizes death for the simple fact that it’s a bad side and the color blue with the middle being a yellow color makes it feel a symbolizes a joyish time a happy mood and a new birth in life. Icarus legs flailing in the air symbolizes mans struggle with life since the water represents new birth in life. The sun setting shows mans decline into darkness which is caused by their ignorance which Icarus displays by not listening to his father that is named Daedalus. In conclusion the painting that was shown to me and the viewers are all symbolization occurring in the painting which is really meanings in life.

HaopingW,p1 said...

In the painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (Icarus was the son of the inventor Daedalus and a slave named Naucrate. found on the wed side http://www.pantheon.org/articles/i/icarus.html.) the ploughman in red suit with gray dress (?) and the farm that he work on, it like 1/3 of the of the painting, the ploughman is working in the farm with the house in the front of him to puling the ploughshare to set up the farm to plant the seed, and the trees are around the farm. It like symbolic the farm or the earth that the ploughman works on are gods (?) or the nature. In this part of the painting the color were darker that the other part of the painting, and the sun was rising from the sea level, the ploughman seen is being his work for the day because the sunlight shine on him and form the shadow, in the painting the man is almost stand in the middle of the painting, next to him is the shepherd that resting, around the shepherd there the sheep most of the sheep are white, but some of them are black,(does it mean all the sheep is human and those in black are the person that have bad thought and just like Daedalus and his son, Icarus the person that try to change nature’s laws?) in the painting the artist it like cut the painting in two different part the land and the sea, and the farmer is take up 1/5 space of the painting, and the red suit(?) does it foreshadowing the dead of the Icarus? Or it has other meaning? In the wed information that I found (form http://people.virginia.edu/~djr4r/icarus.html “this painting describes the only mythological subject treated by Bruegel. It is also one of the rare examples in which the subject matter is not merely a pretext for showing off the landscape. Much has been written about Bruegel's interpretation of Ovid's fable. Icarus, a hero who symbolized the follies of the Middle Ages, has just fallen into the sea. His legs are still encompassed in a halo of foam, but nothing, either in the natural world or in the human one is paying the least attention to the drama unfolding about him. Sailors on their ships, a fisherman, shepherd, laborer—each one continues, unperturbed [,] with his occupation. The question arises as to whether Bruegel intended two different interpretations for the painting, maybe complementing[,] perhaps even contradicting one another. One possibility alludes to the German proverb which states that "no plough stops because of the death of a man." The second would simply translate the message of Ovid himself, that is, that one should know that moderation and the golden rule are the essential ingredients of happiness.”). The painting show the people just look at him for a while but by the time he fell in to the sea no one cares about him, in the painting he just take up less that 2% of the space form the painting. He was fell in front of the fishing man but the fishing man didn’t see it or he see it but don’t help him. To me the paint it is kind of ironic painting about Icarus
. In the myth the death of Icarus it is kind of the punishment to Daedalus for change the law of nature, make himself in to a god-like being, and the murdering his sister’s son because the boy is smarter that him. The point that Icarus is drowning and no one is helping help or saving him because everyone is doing their own work to live on and got what they need from the nature and work very hard. The timing that show on the painting its meaning is kind of opposite to the meaning that the drowning of the Icarus, the spring it mean life, reborn, new life, awake of a long time of sleep, in this painting it show a death of a person, and it show a strong feeling that come out form the painting it point out the true idea that the painter what to show it to us man can’t change the law of nature but the nature can change the life of the man, the way to live, the way to survive, and it can change the society that we live in. and in the far side of the painting(the top of the painting) the rise of the sun, and the sea reflect the sunlight, it can mean it just being of a year and every one is following the law and you don’t , it maybe mean Icarus is die in a very youth age.